Madalina Ghenea, the mermaid bewitched by Amalfi. Laying with a pink frog and post on Instagram / Photos and Videos

Are you more excited about Sanremo or the stage of the historic Amalfi regatta? When asked by Pippo Pelo, the godmother of the 61st prize among the Maritime Republics had no doubts. Madalina Ghenea chose Amalfi. And he said it with sincerity just before the prize-giving ceremony. Yet in the living room of the hotel that had hosted it before the event he had said that he would cheer for everyone. Then the heat of Amalfi, the party, the victory involved her to the point of preferring this stage to that of Sanremo.

madalina ghenea instagram with the small amalfi emma

And above all that boat ride he really cared for. On the ship turned into a grandstand Madalina has assisted enchanted at the coast wrapped in an unusual fog and whipped like never from bad weather in June. His photos posted them on Instagram and in a short time they got thousands of likes. Beautiful one published with the small Emma, ​​daughter of the city councilor Ilaria Cuomo and of father Salvatore Gambardella. The little pink frog, who in a few days will celebrate his third birthday, wore a white jumpsuit with the Amalfi cross. And Madalina held her close to her chest, with an enviable tenderness. Power of Amalfi and its suggestions.

madalina ghenea amalfi 01

"It is the first time here in Amalfi and I have to thank the mayor and the organizers for the welcome in this wonderful place – said the beautiful actress chosen as the godmother of the event – it is a celebration of sport, culture and history and I am very honored to be here. Also because I love the sea, I love the sun. I took some photos just arrived here: Amalfi is a wonderful place. Too bad because I'm always in a hurry, I always have to run away but I want to take a boat ride. I hope that later it is possible, perhaps ”.

Attractive, a disarming simplicity and a generosity of smiles. This is the Madalina Ghenea in the Amalfi version that yesterday enchanted on the sidelines of the historical regatta. Arrived in the very early afternoon at the privé set up on the terrace of the hotel residence (this year the tribune of honor disappeared to open the promenade entirely to visitors and citizens) the Romanian model and actress did not shy away from those attracted by her statuary beauty approached her, almost fearful, to ask for a souvenir photo. From his hands half an hour after the end of the regatta his trophy passed into the hands of the Amalfi rowers who celebrated at the foot of Flavio Gioia's obelisk.

madalina ghenea amalfi 02

"It is always an emotion to be on stage but this is a special moment, I am really very happy," said Madalina before being admired in all its splendor by the public that invoked a few steps forward on the podium set up in the square. The actress greeted the crowd, launched a few kisses and took the long applause before making room for the winners.