Mădălina Ghenea, the most sexy presence from TIFF!

Beautiful Mădălina Ghenea surprised the audience of the TIFF gala from Cluj after she appeared in a black dress with a very sexy crack that left her gazelle legs visible. And he did not come alone! (Great Discounts on PC Games)

Mădălina Ghenea became indispensable at the TIFF festival, each year being a special guest of the gala. This year she went on stage to award the film Proroca, directed by Constantin C. Popescu (n.r. Romanian Film Days Award).

The beautiful actress did not come alone at the event, but at her boyfriend's arm, Matei Stratan. The two assorted, choosing to wear all black. Obviously Mădălina was extremely sexy, because the dress she wore had a long crack that left her long, beautiful legs visible. (Super Deals on Gaming Accessories)

It seems that the sun has finally come out on the street both. And that's because the famous couple recently was surprised several times by arguing even in public and even speculated that they would have separated.