Madalina Ghenea | Vogue Italia

Leo the recidivist. Well yes. If after Gisele Bündchen and Bar Refaeli someone could still have doubts about the existence of a "girlfriend pattern" followed by the handsome DiCaprio, today it should definitely change its mind. Insistent rumors – the limits of certainty – they see the protagonist of Inception (which we will soon see in the aged and greasy cloths of J. Edgard Hoover and in the colossal, signed Luhrmann, The Great Gatsby) in a new relationship with yet another stunning beauty borrowed from the catwalks. His name? Madalina Diana Ghenea, a 23-year-old Romanian-born actress and model – but with an all-Italian career – recently stepped into the limelight (as well as the relationship with the Hollywood stars) for her participation in the blockbuster The usual idiots.

Of course, some may recognize it as the bellona between Raoul Bova and Teresa Mannino in a well-known advertising spot, or remember it as the protagonist, in 2007, of the Peroni calendar or, even earlier, on the Gattinoni catwalk. Beautiful, sunny, with a blinding smile but with a past not entirely made of roses and flowers. As the Daily MailIn fact, her work as a lingerie model has created many problems in Romania where she was forced, a little for her absences a little for her presence in magazines dressed only in negligee, to jump from one high school to the other with report cards however of all respect.

When he tells one of his former teachers, Madalina used to break up at any free moment, both in transfers and between shots. Beautiful and good in other words … but will it be true love with the beautiful Leonardo? The recent sightings of Madalina on the Australian set of the The Great Gatsby and his presence at the actor's birthday party would confirm it. And who knows, her beauty may not begin to shine even in the skies of Hollywood.