Mădălina Ghenea was pregnant during the first month of her relationship

Task Mădălinei Ghenea has been the subject of debate for many months, but confirmation came today in two directions. Mădălina made a pictorial showing her belly big enough to pass in the last quarter, and the closest friends who received the news just as surprising explains all this secrecy is due to the desire of future parents to have peace of mind . Mădălina and Matthew wanted to first enjoy the miracle that happened to them and only then share it with the world.

"They did not want to be in the last month. They have hidden everything from us and have denied how many rumors of a task they have, "said a close friend of the couple. So the shock is great for those around them, especially since Madalina is already in the eighth month of pregnancy. Olteanca was pregnant even in the first month of relationship with Matthew, the heir of Dan Stratan's empire.

Aesthetic operations by Madalina Ghenea. Brunette, next to her new boyfriend

Mădălina Ghenea was pregnant in Italy

It turns out that Mădălina was pregnant in Italy, where the two loved ones spent the summer. Immediately after admitting that they were forming a couple, Matthew had never lost sight of Ghenea and accompanied her to all of the film festivals, fashion shows, or the events organized in Italy where she was invited. Much less were you in Romania, where they preferred the intimacy of their home, perhaps even to keep the secret of pregnancy. They seem to adopt the same "strategy" in terms of the baby, which they are not going to present to the public too soon.

The heir to an empire

Rumors of Maddalena Ghenea's pregnancy have begun to appear since the beginning of the year. For this reason, close friends and relatives put their hand on the phone to congratulate the father's future. Ever since the first call, Matthew Stratan has thanked them for his wishes, but has left them to understand that he is much earlier for this, for his fiance is not pregnant.

Mădălina Ghenea chose to give the big news through a almost nude pictorial, the photos being made by the dad's future for an online magazine, so it's not surprising that the baby's first picture appears on the cover of a publication. Although these exclusive pictorial trends are in trend, Mădălina Ghenea has no reason to turn her first pregnant or baby pictures into a business, because it does not do her bad, and the Stratan family is one with an impressive fortune. The baby who will come to the world in a month will live in a fluff given that the paternal grandparents are the owners of a fortune of over 200 million euros. The future heir will have a childish place, having a choice between the yacht in Greece, the Tuscany villa or the grand building in the center of Bucharest.

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