Madalina Ghenea, wedding rehearsal?

San Gregorio Armeno in the background. The alleys and the colors of Naples. In the center, Madalina Ghenea strolling in white dress. Try the veil, go up the steps of a church. The Romanian actress is the new testimonial of Vanitas. And the photo shoot set is the whole city.

But to excite Madalina is just the look of a person: that of her boyfriend Matei Stratan who accompanied her to the edges of Vesuvius. And for the first time he sees it as one (beautiful) bride.

The two met in a club in Bucharest in early summer, and it was love at first sight. And after the last "couple debut" Ischia Global Fest, they spent their holidays together.

Who knows them well, tells of a story that has become immediately important. Also having the help the same roots. Matei, a 32-year-old Romanian just like the actress, studied between London and the United States, only to return to live at home. His family's assets are estimated at around 200 million euros.

For Madalina, Matei is love again, after the lightning relationship with Philipp Plein. So the poses in a wedding dress, in front of him, cannot be just a coincidence. Rather an "official test", a good omen for what is to come.

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