Madalina GheneaUntil a few weeks ago, Romanian model and actress (years) was linked to the German designer Philippe Plein that we learned about during the Raffaella Carrà program, “Forte Forte Forte”. The two seemed very in love but suddenly the passion died out.madalina-Ghenea

The embodiment of youth, the objective embodiment of Madalina Ghenea in “Youth” of Paul Sorrentino, does not seem to have hypnotized the creative to such an extent that he would have downloaded her without any motivation and above all because their relationship had not had the good being of his mother. Their relationship is therefore wrecked as it often happens because of the power held by the in-laws. Since then, no trace of Philippe Plein from his social networks or from his amber skin. During their passionate and overwhelming love story, which came to light immediately after the participation of Madalina Ghenea as a small valley at the recent Sanremo Italian Song Festival, there had been very important words and gestures from both of them. Everything made us think of another ending between the two who, immediately after meeting and putting together, had given each other personalized tattoos. Today, however, they no longer exist. In fact, the beautiful co-host of Ariston who, currently speaks multiple languages, posted on her Instagram profile a photograph with a plaster while leaving a doctor’s office, from which she went to have the name of the one she thought she loved erased. . madalina-Ghenea

To confirm this hypothesis, obviously, there is the caption written below the shot: “People should think it over before getting a tattoo. Just as the hangover is worse than the party, it is more difficult and expensive to get rid of a tattoo than to make one. “ Among the hastags used to specify, more, the circumstance of the post have appeared: #Thenewpicosecondtechnique, #ThePicoSuremachinearUCLA, #thesituation, #neveragain, #HurtsLikeHell, #bestLoserInTheWorl. Then, Madalina Ghenea wanted to thank her doctor with these words: “Thanks to my super Philipp Dr. Gary Lask! I think it was not easy to erase your name from my neck. “