MADALINA GHENEA, WHO IS THE BOYFRIEND? / By Michael Fassbender, Philip Plein and Matei: "the most important man"

Who is Madalina Ghenea's boyfriend? We ask the question, and not by chance, on one of the guests of the last episode of # CR4 – The Republic of women, the program led by Piero Chiambretti in prime time on Retequattro. The theme of the week is "All Saints, from Sanremo to San Valentino", a topic that will certainly focus on the recent 69th edition of the Sanremo Italian Song Festival won by Mahmood, but also on love. A few days before Valentine's Day, the party of lovers, in the studio there will be the beautiful model and actress Madalina Ghenea. Who knows, perhaps, that the actress, one of Paolo Sorrentino's protagonists of Youth, cannot reveal some background on who her boyfriend is.

Who is Madalina Ghenea's boyfriend: from Marco Borriello to Michael Fassbender

There are several real or alleged flirts that the press has set about Madalina Ghenea. Starting with Marco Borriello, the footballer who in the past also made his way into the heart of Belen Rodriguez. Surely among the certain boyfriends of the beautiful Romanian actress is Gerard Butler, the Hollywood star with whom he lived a beautiful love story that lasted about a year. The two met by chance in Dubai during the launch of a male razor and the spark was immediate. A long story, but at the same time tormented according to the story told by the actress who decided to leave the Scottish actor following continuous betrayals. In 2014, instead, Madalina paired with another sex symbol. It is about Michael Fassbender known at the Toronto International Film Festival. Also in this case the story would have been shipwrecked for the alleged flirtation between Fassbender and Naomi Campbell. On the previous stories, the Ghenea at Vanity Fair told: "I don't think they were wrong stories, on the contrary. They are wonderful artists, and I've always been attracted by artists. They are profound people from whom one can only learn, certainly not easy, because they are constantly exposed to the media. But they made me grow and understand what I really want. "

Madalina Ghenea: "Matei is the man of my life"

Then in the life of Madalina Ghenea there was Philipp Plein, a story shared with several photos also on social media. After the story with the stylist, he arrived in the life of the Romanian model and actress Matei Stratan, which considers "the synthesis of everything". The Romanian entrepreneur comes from a very rich family; just think that the assets of the entire family would be estimated at around 200 million euros. The two met in Bucharest thanks to some friends in common. Since then they are inseparable: first a holiday in Greece and then off to Italy. The couple is madly in love and Madalina herself at Vanity Fair said: "Matei is the most important man in my life, and it must be answered. I fall mainly in love with the strength, the decisions, the conviction with which a man takes them. I see Matei like that, strong ”.