Madalina Ghenea, who is the new boyfriend?

madalina ghenea

Madalina Ghenea left what she considered the man of her life, Matei Stratan, in favor of another knight. Whose is it?

The love story between Madalina Ghenea and her boyfriend Matei Stratan seems to have come to an end. According to the magazine Oggi, the Romanian model would have ended its old relationship in favor of Leonardo Del Vecchio junior, son of the entrepreneur of Luxottica.

Madalina Ghenea has a new boyfriend

Madalina Ghenea was spotted in a well-known Milanese restaurant in the company of Leonardo Del Vecchio junior, son of the entrepreneur of Luxottica. Possible that the Romanian model has sent to air its important relationship with Matei Stratan for a sudden passion? This is what the weekly Oggi says: "In Milan, people don't talk about each other! The good salons of the city are in fact in these hours concentrated on one single news: the new love story between Madalina Ghenea and the son of the entrepreneur Leonardo Del Vecchio. The Romanian model and the son of the founder of Luxottica came out into the open a few nights ago in the private room of the Armani Privè, an exclusive Milanese restaurant, where they failed to contain their passion ".

According to what we read, Madalina and Leonardo have decided not to hide anymore and to enjoy their love story in the sunlight. Only a short time ago, Ghenea said it was ready to spend the rest of her life with her Matei, so what could have made her change her mind suddenly? We cannot yet know this, given that, for the moment, we have no statements from those directly involved.

Madalina and Matei

A few months ago, Madalina gave an interview to Vanity Fair where he waved his great love for Matei. The Romanian model thus told her love life: "Matei, the most important man in my life (…) I fall mainly in love with the strength, the decisions, the conviction with which a man takes them. I see Matei like that, strong ". To date, if the gossip that sees her happy alongside Leonardo Del Vecchio junior Should it be true, Madalina may have discovered that the force she claimed to have found on Stratan was just a blunder.

For now, considering also the extreme confidentiality of the Romanian model, we can't help but wait to see a beautiful paparazzata to get some confirmation. Until now the only road is the classic one of 50/50.