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Mădălina Ghenea is currently in Italy with her mother and a few months old daughter, along with Matei Stratan.

The beautiful brunette has been in the center of attention for the past few days after news reports appeared that she had separated from the little girl's father with whom she lived a passionate love story started about a year ago.

Nothing seemed to disturb the peace of the two, and the appearance of the little girl in their lives was one of the most beautiful things that could happen.

Mădălina did not comment on the rumors of the breakup, but the photos of her and Matei, extremely in love and delighting her fans, were not posted on her Instagram page.

Madalina took her daughter and mother and they left for Italy, their destination being, it seems Liguria. She is delighting fans now with photos of her little girl, whose face she does not want to reveal for the moment and seems to be enjoying these days.

But his fans feel that in the brunette's life there have been some changes and made several comments: "It would have been nice to see the whole family, but this is life.", "You don't have to prove anything, nobody has the right to show you judge your life and behavior as a mother. And it was read in your eyes since you were pregnant so much joy, love and dedication you were ready to give to that soul in their womb. Unfortunately, there are those people who know how to open their mouths only to criticize and offend.

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