Madalina Ghenea with Leonardo Del Vecchio, 24 year old son of the richest man in Italy

In St. Moritz, in the boutique of one of the most renowned fashion brands in the world, the weekly photographers Who they pinched Madalina Ghenea in sweet company. The model was not with an ordinary man. The young bike guy next to her is Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio, 24 year old son of the founder of Luxottica considered one of the most coveted offspring in Italy. Second Forbes, in 2019 the title of "richest man in Italy" would have gone to Leonardo Del Vecchio senior who with a patrimony of 2.4 million dollars surpassed even Giovanni Ferrero, head of the homonymous group.

They would have been together for a few months

Madalina and Leonardo would make a steady couple for some months. Their report, according to the well-informed, would be an important report to the point that the two would be ready to take the big step: that of living together. Before Ghenea, Leonardo was tied to another beautiful model: Alessia Tedeschi, young and beautiful from Abruzzo involved in a dramatic accident in Capri in 2013.

Madalina Ghenea's Hollywood loves

Madalina, considered one of the most beautiful showgirls and actresses in the world, is not new to high-level visits. Before meeting the young Leonardo, she was for a long time linked to the Hollywood actor Gerard Butler who made their love story official, presenting it as his companion even during social occasions. He would also have experienced a flirtation with Michael Fassbender and with Leonardo DiCaprio, although the person concerned denied the link in question. Leonardo, on the other hand, is the son of the founder of Luxottica. According to a ranking of Forbes, in 2019 Del Vecchio senior would have been the richest man in Italy.