Madalina Ghenea's big heart at Cr4: the dichiarazioni ZON statements
Madalina Ghenea

Last night the Romanian model and showgirl Madalina Ghenea returned to Italy for an interview with Piero Chiambretti in the Cr4 program. Here's what he said

Not seen permanently in Italy at least since 2016 when Madalina Ghenea, model and Romanian showgirl, was the little valley of Carlo Conti al Sanremo Festival 2016, in team with Gabriel Garko and Virginia Raffaele.

Marriage only postponed

Since then the wearer (also seen at the cinema in.) Youth-The Youth by Paolo Sorrentino, gave priority to the family, finding the stability that was missing next to his compatriot e mega entrepreneur Matel from whom he had a daughter, Charlotte. The two were supposed to get married but, as Ghenea herself said last night, during the last episode of the program by Piero Chiambretti The Republic of Women (on Rete 4) something went wrong:

We had all the documents ready, including the medical certificate that is used in Romania to get married. when we went to get married, me, matel and two witnesses, we couldn't: the certificate had expired one day. since then we have had no more time to do the documents

The beginnings and Cristiano Ronaldo

Madalina Ghenea assures that motherhood has not slowed her work ("I started working more in my country, I opened a small production company and I'm proud of it ") and on his he starts in Italy, thanks to a commercial with the Juventus champion Cristiano Ronaldo, he recalls:

at that time I volunteered in haiti. the children I was with told me that cristiano ronaldo was their idol. so when my agent told me that I should shoot a commercial with him, I immediately asked him to do a Skype video call with the children.

he immediately accepted, has a big heart and is very generous