Madalina Ghenea’s daughter was born, the birth that took place 10 days ago in secret

Madalina Ghenea has become a mother. The actress and model gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in secret. The birth took place on April 4 last in Bucharest but, completely absorbed by her daughter, she preferred to make her birth known only today. Loaded with tenderness is the post that the former valley of Sanremo 2016 published on social networks to announce the arrival of his baby girl:

The most beautiful joy. An immense light. A love that overwhelms you and warms you all around. The most beautiful moment of my life. I can not fail to share it here with you that every day you show me a great and constant affection. Welcome baby.

The name of the newest member of the family is still unknown.

Madalina Ghenea is Matei Stratan’s partner

Madalina made her partner Matei Stratan father, the man she fell in love with after her relationship with the designer Philippe Plein. He too, just like Ghenea, is a 32-year-old millionaire entrepreneur. They would have been some mutual friends to introduce them, making sure that the spark struck between the two. The pregnancy came a few months after the first meeting.

The man comes from a known and particularly influential family, whose assets would be around 200 million of Euro. He returned to Romania a few years after traveling between London and the United States to complete his studies. Madalina and Matei met a little less than a year ago, a few weeks after the model and actress returned single after the brief relationship with the famous stylist immediately after Sanremo. The entrepreneur was the only man to hit her to the point of inducing her to become a mother. And now Madalina is experiencing the most beautiful moments of her life and is serenely experiencing the fact that she has temporarily moved away from cinema and TV.