Mădălina Ghenea's hold on a fashion show

If so far she has felt in molded and extremely decolleted dresses, this time Madalina surprised herself with a more sober face, but that made her body perfect.

In spite of the disputes, the "pangs" and the moments not very pink, the couple Mădălina Ghenea and Matei Stratan managed to get over all, especially for love for their daughter, Charlotte. During this time, Madalina was supported not only by her family but also by the Stratan family, Matei's parents trying to do everything for the good course of the relationship. So careful is Father father-in-law with Ghenea that he had no problem putting the yacht worth 10 million euros.

Mădălina Ghenea still had episodes in which she did not get along perfectly with her daughter's father, but with his family he always had an impeccable relationship. Evidence that her father-in-law, Dan Stratan, never looked at money when it came to Maddalena's wishes.

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