Mădălinei Ghenea's new millionaire beloved has "roots" in Romania and was arrested for drug trafficking + we have the first reactions of Romanian

CANCAN.RO, ROMANIA'S SITE No. 1, presents you with a bomb story about Madalina Ghenea's new millionaire lover. (10 reasons to choose videochat) The famous American businessman Vito Schnabel has "roots" in Romania and was arrested for drug trafficking! We also have the first reactions of the beautiful Romanian. (NOT RAPID, HERE: MADALINA GHENEA WAS DISCOVERED BY MR CASH'S SON AND COUPLED WITH A MILLION YEAR 32 YEARS THEIR FIRST IMAGES WITH HIM SOLD)

founder Vito Schnabel Projects (2003, New York) has Romanian origins. More precisely, the great-grandmothers of the millionaire Madalina Ghenea was surprised in a tender position on a beach in St. Barts are Romanian. Esther Greenberg, grandmother of Vito Schnabel, was born in 1930 in New York, after her parents emigrated to the US. (The best videochat studio in Bucharest engages models)

Moreover, Lola, one of Vito Schnabel's sisters, has been living in Italy for several years, and the sources CANCAN.RO, SITE NO.1 FROM ROMANIA, claim that through her fierce Madalina Ghena would have known the famous millionaire. (NOT RIGHT, HERE: FOST TV ASSISTANTS HAVE "DISCOVERED" BREAKING BREAKS + WINDS +18 WITH "THE PRINCE OF MANELS")

Arrested for holding and distributing drugs!

Vito Schnabel, in the prison in Pershing County, Nevada

In September 2017, Vito Schnabel was arrested for possession and distribution of narcotic substances at the Burning Man festival in Nevada. Schnabel was caught while trying to sell hallucinogenic mushrooms to some festival participants. Shortly after retention, Madalina Ghenea's current boyfriend was released on bail. (NOT RIGHT, HERE: THEY WERE THE "NATURALIZED" FANTASTICS THAT WE CAN REPRESENT IN EURO 2020!)

A real Casanova!

The famous American millionaire Vito Schnabel has loved for about four years with super-model Heidi Klum. The couple broke up in late 2017. Later, Vito combined with former wife of Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, whom he recently parted. They are not the only celebrities who have stolen the heart of the founder Vito Schnabel Projects. In the past, Demi Moore was also engaged with Demi Moore, even though at that time the actress had double his age. (SEE AND: He has "stolen" the calories! PICTURES NECESSARY WITH ANTENNA POPULAR)

Madalina Ghenea's lover was also engaged with Demi Moore seven years ago

First reactions of Romanians!

Shortly after Romania's No. 1 site presented, for the first time, the images captured by the paparazzi on the beach in St. Petersburg, Barts, Mădălina Ghenea posted on her social media site the song and lyrics of the song "All I Want Is You", accompanied by two stylized hearts, a message more than subliminal ("Everything I Want You", in translation). (NOT RIGHT, HERE: PASTRAMA WAS PRAYING ON BRIGITTE PORSCHE: "THE DRIVER WAS ALL LIFE! TO THE FUTURE, GOES TO THE LOGAN … ")

The first reactions of Mădălinei Ghenea

Mădălina Ghenea, between jealousy and disappointment

Before joining Madalina Ghenea and Matthew Stratan went through tense moments. As early as September 2017, CANCAN.RO, SITE NO.1 FROM ROMANIA, announced that Mădălina Ghenea decided to take a "break" in the relationship with Matei Stratan. With the passage of time, the rupture seemed to accentuate. (SEE AND THE FIRST PHOTOS WITH ANDREEA BĂLAN AFTER THREE OPERATION!)

"You did not just deceive me, you cheated on us. You did not just break my heart, you destroyed our future ", Madalina wrote in November 2017, after learning that her partner would have a relationship with Lola Astanova, considered the most sexy pianist in the world.

In January 2018, Mădălina Ghenea continued with messages from which a mixture of jealousy and disappointment took place: "My life is like a romantic comedy. The only difference is that, in reality, it is not about love. It's just me who laughs at their own jokes. " And on January 22 he returned. She published a photo of Lost Astanova's pianist Instagram's profile, next to which she added a comment: "When your child's father appreciates all the pictures of another woman". (READ OUT: THE TESTIMONIES FROM THE "DIAVOL DEPOSIT" FROM BACĂU. THE MINOR ERAU DRUGS AND SEXUAL PERSPECTIVES: "CONSUME CUBE, APOI …")

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