Manelist Marius Babanu threatens the thief who “insulted” the “King”

Mega-war is announced! Manelist Marius Babanu threatens the thief who “insulted” “King” Salam. CANCAN.RO, THE NUMBER 1 SITE IN ROMANIA, presents you, exclusively, a truly amazing exchange of messages. (READ ALSO: MĂDĂLINA GHENEA, LEAVED BY THE ITALIAN BILLIONAIRE ?!

D.A.S. ( Special Investigations Department) he came into possession of an exchange of messages that seems to herald the beginning of a real war in the underworld. (DO NOT MISS: “THE PRINCESS OF THE INSTAGRAM” GOES SHOPPING AT NIGHT, IN HOUSEHOLD SLIPPERS AND

Apparently, against the background of some older controversies, the manelist Marius Babanu and the undercover Florin of Cici, the one who “julied”, in the past, Florin Salam, had an amazing conversation, which was left with threats from both sides. . So it is not excluded that, in the next period, the online brawl will turn into a real one, between manelist and thief. As can be seen in the printscreen below, expressions such as “I bind you, I make you dust”, “suckers”, “insensitive” and so on

Hallucinatory conversation

Manelist Marius Babanu threatens Cici’s undercover Florin

He “insulted” Florin Salam!

About a year ago, the “King of Maneles” was allegedly involved in a mega-dispute. Everything would have degenerated after the artist refused to compose a piece for the son of a well-known thief from the Capital.

From the confessions that Florin al lui Cici made, exclusively for site no. 1 from Romania, it turned out that he had met, in the area of ​​the Defense of the Fatherland in the Capital, with Florin Salam. After having a heated discussion, the thief allegedly applied a physical correction to the manelist, who tried to avoid the conflict by running away.

Florin sighed. I asked him to make me a play for my boy, but he told me he didn’t have time. See you at the Defenders. I gave him a clever cap and ran him, but I didn’t catch him, because he ran away. He was very scared. Let’s see how clever it is, now, that I beat Florin Salam “, said Florin of Cici, exclusively for CANCAN.RO, THE NUMBER 1 SITE IN ROMANIA.

Cici’s Florin (left) allegedly assaulted Florin Salam

Marius Babanu, brutally beaten in a restaurant in Bucharest!

In the fall of 2018, Marius Babanu was the protagonist of an extremely violent moment. Invited to sing at a party, the manelist was brutally beaten by several partygoers, immediately after he finished his song.

Manelist Marius Babanu threatens Cici’s undercover Florin

“Around 23.00, I was called to sing and, at the end of the program, I was beaten by one of the guests, with bestiality. Simply. It has gone too far. I didn’t do anything wrong to them, they called me the day before I came to the party. I told them I’d make it. I sang with them before, there were small differences, but I overlooked them. But now it’s too far. I went to the police, I went to the IML, I did what I had to do. This is no longer possible. “, said Marius Babanu in a TV show.

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