Marco Borriello broke the silence! Former Milan and Juventus striker explained why the relationship with Madalina Ghenea did not work
  • Traian Preoteasa was appointed interim general manager at CFR Marfa

    The priest replaces Marinică Voicu, who resigned on November 18 for personal reasons. Voicu has held this position since September 6, 2017.

  • Dăncilă, about his citation to DNA: The information is only half false. DNA said he wouldn't call me tomorrow, but not that he wouldn't call me on Monday or Tuesday

    Viorica Dăncilă claims that the information about his DNA citation is only half false and that DNA did not deny that he will be called for hearings, but only that he will not be called on Friday. "What DNA said was that he would not call me tomorrow, not that he would not call me on Monday, Tuesday or over a period of time," Dăncilă said.

  • Netanyahu, charged with corruption, fraud and abuse of power

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted for corruption, fraud and abuse of trust, AFP announced. "Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has decided to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for corruption, fraud and abuse of trust in file 4000," the Israeli Ministry of Justice said in a statement.

  • Prince Andrew of Britain, involved in the Epstein scandal, is retiring from royal activities

    Prince Andrew of Britain, one of Queen Elizabeth II's sons, announced on Wednesday evening that he will be relinquishing royal duties in the near future because of the scandal generated by complicity with US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

  • Google announces that it will restrict election campaigns through its products

    Scott Spencer, Google Ads Product Manager, announced the restriction of election campaigns through its platforms, banning targeting certain categories of users for submitting ads based on alleged political preferences, Mediafax reports.

  • Basescu: It seems that Dăncilă is the tip of political quality in the PSD, the others are alas their mother

    Former President Traian Băsescu says about Viorica Dăncilă that he is "the tip of political quality in the PSD" and is "better than the image left", and the other social-democratic leaders are "alas their mother".

  • Ciolacu ridicules Turcan: "It's healthier not to mess around like Turkish in wood … you risk laughing!"

    The President of the Chamber of Deputies Marcel Ciolacu posted on his socializing page on Thursday, an ironic recommendation to Deputy Prime Minister Raluca Turcan: "not to get bogged down as a Turk in wood" because it risks laughing. Ciolacu refers to a statement by the Deputy Prime Minister, in the context of the Timisoara tragedy, that "man can sleep soundly and wake up, God forbid, dead".

  • Dăncilă announces that PSD has a simple motion against Minister Florin Cîțu next week

  • Latest data on voting intention. Major changes for Viorica Dăncilă after the marathon conference she held Tuesday night

    Sociologist Marius Pieleanu presented, on Wednesday, at "Meeting point" at Antena 3, last minute data on the intention to vote for Viorica Dăncilă after the two-and-a-half-hour marathon conference that the PSD presidential candidate held at the Palace Parliament.