Marco Liorni between Chain Reaction and Italy Yes: Blogo interview (Video)

On the eve of the debut with Chain Reaction, Marco Liorni tells us about his first steps in running a game.

There is never a smile on the face of Marco Liorni, even if a bit of tiredness is perceived chatting with him on the sidelines of the presentation press conference of Chain reaction, at the start on Rai 1 on Monday 3 June at 6.45pm. A tiredness more than justified, considering that the deserved 'vacation' at the end of the long and intense season of Italy Yes! they have turned into a new work commitment that sees them record the episodes of the Admiral's summer evening at a fast pace. We could only ask him how this will be his Chain reaction, but also of what will come later, perhaps with a second season of Italy Yes!, which is confirmed in the placement of Saturday afternoon or Sunday, which saw the broadcast of the best of seasonal.

"What will my Chain Reaction look like? I still don't know well – he answers – I find out by doing it. It's my first time in a game show and I think the most important thing is to find the balance between the rigor of the game and the game. "be relaxed. It is a balance that is found slowly".

His first episodes were a bit tight, as he also said at a press conference:

"In the first recordings I was worried about doing everything they told me to do and so I had so many things to think about. Then you realize that the main thing is to play and let yourself go. And so after the first four, five episodes I'm finally at ease ".

For a program that starts there is one that has just ended: what is the budget for the first edition of Italia Sì?

"We are very happy because it is a program that was not there. It was on paper for a long time and seeing what we had imagined to become real was a great thrill. It has reconciled me with television in a moment that was critical for me. a very composite program, with so many things inside, so many different registers, so many different stories, even there it was necessary to find a balance between its parts.It took some time, even to find our audience, since the collocation is subject to the 'anomalous waves' of the listenings. But we found it, telling everything with delicacy: and this made me particularly pleased ".

No placement test in choosing to schedule the best of on Sunday afternoons:

"No, no 'proof'. We have simply gathered what has been Italy Yes! Throughout the year, favoring stories that could give back the whole spectrum of colors that we have offered in the season. A way to tell those who didn't. saw 'Look what we did! " always with delicacy and with the lightness that must have on Sunday afternoon ".

A year along that of Liorni, a rich year, also of new awareness passed for difficult challenges. And what we hope for this second part of 2019 is particularly beautiful:

"I always hope not to lose the joy that I have found in doing television. That joy is the basis of everything, it is what makes you happy when you enter a TV studio, which makes you want to communicate, which is the most important for those who, like us, do this job ".

The joy, the desire, the pleasure, the serenity, the one that, when there is all, goes through the teleshopping. Along with elegance.