Meme Stoica, about to return to FCSB after only two weeks of self-imposed exile! Narcis Raducan: "It's a place at the FCSB! We don't kick our asses, because we are on one leg"

Mihai Stoica could return to the FCSB faster than he thought.

He left the FCSB two weeks ago in a self-imposed exile, which made Gigi Becali say that "He can come back anytime, he is my friend, and here is his second house", Mihai Stoica seems to be second thoughts! Digisport writes that the former deputy sports director is already ready to resume his duties. Interesting is that in the meantime at the FCSB also arrived Narcis Raducan, the one who exactly took over the job left by Mihai Stoica.

Narcis Raducan: "There is no problem if MM returns, there is room at FCSB"

Narcis Raducan also commented on the possible return of Mihai Stoica to the FCSB.

"It is no problem if MM returns, it is welcome. FCSB is a big club, there is a place. If so, the boss decides, very well. said the current sports director of the red-blue band.

Gigi Becali: "Meme can come back anytime"

When Mihai Stoica was separated, Gigi Becali left his door open.

"Meme is my friend and he can return at any time to the FCSB. Here is his second home", the FCSB boss said.