Mfw, GQ celebrates the most elegant men in Italy with an exclusive party. PHOTO
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Men's fashion week is now alive. As in every edition, the inaugural party of the GQ magazine directed by Giovanni Audiffredi could not miss, celebrating the Best Dressed Men of the year, a real launching pad for trends, news in the world of lifestyle and fashion, but not only.

An unforgettable evening, thanks also to the partnerships with Longines, Alfa Romeo, Belvedere, Microsoft, Veuve Clicquot, Venini who animated an event capable of attracting a parterre of guests, VIPs and influencers who came to celebrate the 30 characters awarded ex aequo not only for aesthetic elegance (the ability to express oneself through a look) but above all for the ethical attitude. Successes, ideas, gestures that made the difference, were the evaluation parameters. Those details that immediately make you think of an authentic gentleman.

In the Tenoha space, the sixth edition of "GQ Best Dressed Men", The event created by the male of Condé Nast to celebrate men who in their respective fields – fashion, music, entertainment, art, design, sport, entrepreneurship and finance – represent elegance at 360 °.

«Elegance is a fragile idea, which GQ is committed to defending vigorously by connecting with 3 million people every month. Transferring the values ​​of a more inclusive and cultured masculinity »he said Giovanni Audiffredi, Director of GQ Italia.

These are the 30 men that the editorial staff named GQ Best Dressed Men:

Nerio Alessandri, Giorgio Armani, Enrico Bartolini, Matteo Berrettini, Marco Bizzarri, Matteo Bocelli, Alessandro Borghi, Andrea Bosca, Pietro Boselli, Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio, Ghali, Davide Livermore, Roberto Mancini, Riccardo Mandolini, Federico Marchetti, Stefano Martinetto, Matteo Marzotto, Francesco Micheli, Francesco Motta, Saul Nanni, Vincenzo Novari, Federico Palazzari, Piero Piazzi, Emiliano Salci, Max Sirena, Paolo Stella, Filippo Tortu, Pablo Trincia, Marco Voena.

They attended the evening, with Dj Set of Nicola Zucchi, numerous representatives from the world of fashion, entertainment, entrepreneurship and the rapper as guest of honor G-Eazy, protagonist of one of the two covers of the January issue of GQ, Madalina Ghenea, Valentina Ferragni and Luca Vezil, Nicole Mazzoccato, Gilda D'Ambrosi, Beatrice Valli and many other stars of the web and entertainment.

During the event GQ also launched a new logo and a new format: GQ Club; that from 2020 will mark the style events related to male passions aimed at the public and created by GQ with the involvement of the community of gentlemen that revolves around the brand.

The party was organized thanks to the support of some partners who, as well as GQ, recognize in style and elegance two of the representative values ​​of their DNA.

Some exceptional guests arrived at the party on board Alfa Romeo Giulia, characterized by the balance of shapes and harmony of surfaces, and Alfa Romeo Stelvio a union of style and sportiness.

"Elegance is an attitude" is the motto Longines that since 1999 tells the value of elegance, in every form of expression. Also this year GQ Italia and Longines have decided to dedicate a special mention to a great Italian talent that embodies the true concept of elegance: it is the étoile Roberto Bolle, protagonist of the January cover of the monthly Condé Nast Italia.

The guests of the evening had the extraordinary opportunity to be portrayed by the artist Francesco Abrigrano, who for the occasion used the Surface Studio 2: the powerful all-in-one desktop computer by Microsoft, with an innovative and elegant design. During the event, Microsoft offered the opportunity to also discover the new Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X models.

For the occasion, the elegance of GQ was linked to that of BOSS BOTTLED: a fragrance synonymous with aspiration, realization and success. Winner of over 100 awards worldwide, for twenty years this iconic and timeless perfume has inspired men to achieve their ideal of success. The guests of the event were able to discover its intensity and peculiarity: BOSS BOTTLED in fact reflects the different facets of the wearer and gives everyone everything they need to offer the best version of themselves, every day, at any time .