Michelle Hunziker, Stefano Accorsi with Bianca Vitali, Andrea Iannone with Giulia De Lellis: in Venice, VIP couples, beautiful and … parsley parade

Check out the new must-see red carpet at the Venice Film Festival: see who was there and … what a chic and shocking look. Who do you prefer?

At the Venice Film Festival 2019 (SPECIAL), It's red carpet time for all tastes. There are the couples of the cinema, some caste diva, many sexy stars and … the inevitable parsley – PHOTO | VIDEO

Alessandra Mastronardi protagonist among the "infiltrators" of the first red carpet – LOOK

MICHELLE IN ARMANI – A splendor Michelle Hunziker in Armani, which shows on the red carpet of the highly acclaimed film Joker, like the disturbing Madalina Ghenea. Super chic and always in love with Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel (who in the press conference "duet" with the former Monica Bellucci: what freezes between them! LOOK), and Bianca Vitali with Stefano Accorsi.

Michelle Hunziker with Tomaso Trussardi and daughters Sole and Celeste on vacation: the bikini is amazing! – EXCLUSIVE

UNAVIVABLE MERYL STREEP – Jude Law, sexy divo more than ever is the protagonist of the red carpet and of the film by Paolo Sorrentino, The New Pope, along with John Malkovich and all the cast. Irresistible and unrivaled Meryl Streep, star of "The Laundromat". Elettra Lamborghini overflowing: look who was there, look at that look! – PHOTO GALLERY

Everything, absolutely everything, about the Venice Film Festival – SPECIAL