Milly Carlucci talks about The masked singer, Dancing with the Stars and Antonella Clerici

The presenter comments on the possible arrival of Elisa Isoardi among the competitors of Ballando. And he talks about his new program on Rai1 in January …

Shortly before getting on stage Days of Lucan Cinema – International Basilicata Award in Maratea, where he received his career award, Milly Carlucci talked to the microphones of Blogo of his upcoming television engagements – starting with the new The masked singer in January on Rai 1 – and commented on the hot topics related to the small screen.

We're working on it with the Dancing with the Stars group, soon to go to Los Angeles to see it up close. It all started when I saw the first episode of the program broadcast on Fox in the United States; I got excited, I said "Look at that!" Then I followed the other episodes and noticed an exponential growth. Now it is going on air in Germany, on a very small station that normally makes 3-4% share, the program has risen to 14% and in the commercial target it has reached 37%. A bang. In September he will leave for France, England, Mexico and Australia.

Is there anything about Tale and which show in The masked singer?

No, it has nothing to do with it. It is a new product. The translation of the title is The masked singer, so surely you journalists can't ask me who the competitors are (laughs, Ed).

And then I try to ask you about Elisa Isoardi competitor of Dancing with the stars, as anticipated by Blogo …

Well, we told Ballando when she came as a dancer for a night. We had talked about this possibility. Then we met again and told her "Look, I was serious". She replied: "Me too, but I'm not able to." Let's see. To say that the thing will happen, you will need to be convinced. Especially for her who has a daily schedule to conduct like La Prova del cuoco, Dancing is a serious commitment.

Miss Italia will return to Rai1. Can you exclude your involvement in running the 80th edition?

I believe it will be led by Antonella (Clerici, Ed.), I read it today (yesterday, Ed.). I think it's her. I certainly won't be there.

Richard Gere is, like you, a guest of the Lucano Cinema Days – Basilicata International Award in Maratea. Did you propose him hosted in Ballando?

It's an impossible dream. He dances really well, he loves doing it … but we don't have the finances to bring Richard Gere to Dancing. However, in these years I have tried, with him and with other American actors. But I'm not within our reach, unfortunately.

We come to the Osvaldo case. On live TV you exposed yourself suggesting that Stefano Orodei's jealousy towards his girlfriend and colleague Veera Kinnunen was unmotivated and harmful even for Ballando. In light of the latest developments, have you regretted it?

I don't take care of the private life of our dancers. I deal with stigmatizing that any kind of disagreement is never resolved by coming to the hands, especially if these things concern a woman. Whatever the behavior of a woman in a couple the way to solve is never to slaps. And then I stigmatized a behavior that put production in difficulty. I had failed to bring peace to our Ballando family, so I had to resort to public externality. As with children, they sometimes need major shocks. The son is screaming, in this case I said it on television. And this served to reset the situation and to make it clear that we were doing a television program, nothing else.

Have you heard or seen any of the protagonists of this love triangle recently?

No, the last time I saw them at the presentation of the Rai schedules, then before the case broke out.

You mentioned Antonella Clerici first. Have you also experienced a moment of crisis with RAI, as you are currently experiencing it?

There are moments of crisis in all careers. There are no careers without ups and downs. It's part of the entertainment world. The important thing is that when you put an end to the career, you turn around and you realize that you have sown a reasonable number of things done well.