Model Mădălina Ghenea denies any involvement in the case of luxury prostitutes

After Lavinia Despa, one of the persons investigated for pimping in the case of luxury prostitutes uses the name Ghenea in a discussion with a potential client, in the press appeared speculations according to which Mădălina Ghenea was involved in this scandal, in which they were invoked the names of some TV nurses, who were also heard.

In a press release sent to MEDIAFAX, Mădălina Ghenea says that these statements are contrary to the truth, unduly affecting her image and professional activity.

“I have no involvement, of any nature, in the documents that are the subject of file no. 1206 / P / 2014 of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the District 5 Court (the so-called” luxury prostitutes file “). I have already undertaken today, 09.02. 2015, the legal steps required by the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the District 5 Court to obtain a written confirmation regarding the lack of any procedural quality of the undersigned in this case “, says the model.

She states that she has never allowed any person to propose, directly or indirectly, the maintenance of sexual intercourse for a sum of money.

Ghenea says that, since 2009, Lavinia Despa has written to her several times on the social network Facebook, complimenting her.

“Within this network, the undersigned has 250,000 users who follow my posts, with whom I communicate regularly in a friendly but brief manner. Discussions with Miss Lavinia Despa have not gone beyond this framework, and Miss Despa can confirm this “, states Mădălina Ghenea.

Regarding the statements regarding her involvement in this case, Mădălina Ghenea states: “Beyond the state of shock caused by such an accusation, the advertising contracts I carry out are directly affected by such defamatory claims.”

It warns that it will take all necessary legal steps to prosecute the perpetrators of defamatory statements, as well as all publications that agree to spread such slander.

Over 40 people, most of them women, including Daniela Crudu, Mădălina Pamfile, Simona Trască, were heard, on February 5, at Section 19 in the Capital, in a pimping case.

Diana Gureşoaie, Lavinia Despina and Ramona Popescu, Mirela Dumitru, Georgiana Constantin and Diana Nicoraş were detained in this case.

The investigators used as evidence, in addition to interceptions and hearings of witnesses, messages sent on Facebook, communications from several hotels and from ANAF and ITM.

According to the report prepared by the prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the District 5 Court, in order to prove the pimping crimes, the file was submitted, in addition to the statements of several witnesses and transcripts of telephone conversations, and communications from several hotels in Bucharest. and from public institutions, such as the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) and the Territorial Labor Inspectorate (ITM).

Investigators sought information from ANAF and ITM to prove the facts of prostitution, as, according to the law, in order to be considered a prostitute, a person must earn a living only from having sex for a fee, without having a place to work. the work.

Among the discussions is that between Lavinia Despa and a man. The man asks: “Didn’t you talk to Ghenea anymore, didn’t you, on Facebook?”, Then answered: “I talk to… (unintelligible)… I talk to her all the time!”.

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