Morning Star. Ioana Ginghina has gone on a well-deserved holiday in Greece!

She is divorced and looks better than ever! It was a trying year for Ioana Ginghina, but the sun rose on her street! The star is enjoying life more than ever and … as one word of the people would say, it has blossomed!

"Who is happy on holiday, raise your hand up! I'm a happy woman and I like to have fun. ''

While Alexandru Papadopol shows up with the new conquest, his ex-wife takes care of herself and her silhouette, but also for her soul! And if we talk about the soul, Ioana Ginghina went on a well-deserved vacation, so to a destination on her soul, in Greece!

"I have the opportunity, which I didn't have before, to take care of me much more! Now I'm leaving more, I know new people, these things haven't happened in 12 years. The taste of freedom is very good. There's no way you don't like it! You don't have to complain about what happened! It happened and it's ready!