Not only Madalina Ghenea has sucked the minds of Hollywood actors. She is Alina Pușcău, the Romanian after whom Vin Diesel suffered

Less known than Mădălina Ghenea, but with a similar route, Alina Pușcău is a Romanian whose beauty impressed the Hollywood elites. The model established for many years in America once sucked the minds of Vin Diesel, whom she separated because she was not ready to become a mother.

At almost 1.80 height, Alina Pușcau (37) is one of the models who have made a career abroad. Established for over 20 years in America, her name may not be very familiar to you, but most of the great Hollyood stars know her and are her friends. Alina recounted that she has been friends for over 15 years with celebrities such as Jessica Alba, who has a passion for sports, or the Paris Hilton party.

Who is Alina Pușcău, the Romanian who is raging in Hollywood

Her extraordinary beauty has enchanted many influential people in the movie world, and even Rush Hour director Brett Ratner wanted to take her as a wife. In the end, the two separated, but the famous director is not the only one who fell in love with Alina Pușcău.

As she acknowledged, one of the Hollywood actors who did not remain indifferent to Alina Puscău's beauty was Vin Diesel, whom she loved in the early 2000s. Ultimately, the problem between them was the wrong timing.

Alina Pușcău sucked Vin Diesel's minds. The actor wanted children with her

"We met in Paris at a dinner organized by our friends. We became very good friends. I was 17 at the time, I was little. After a few years I moved to Los Angeles and had a relationship with him, which lasted two years. It was a serious relationship, but I was focused on my career. He wanted to have a family, children, I was 23, I was too young and I didn't think about getting married and having children, even if it was Vin Diesel. He told me from the beginning that he wants children, "Alina Pușcău told" Talk to the World ", in one of the visits back to Romania, where she has the whole family.

In an interview with VIVA! Several years ago, the beautiful brunette confessed that the fame of her lovers was not a criterion in her emotional life.

'It doesn't matter that they are news, they are people. Yes, I had a two-year relationship with Vin Diesel, with Eddie Irvine, he was my first man. I'm not a girl who desperately wants to be with rich people or who are famous. I'm in this environment, of famous and rich people, and that's how it happened. They are very talented men, very "gentlemen', confessed Alina Pușcău.

Photo: Instagram, Hepta

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