Oana Zăvoranu and Pepe, together again? What the artist said – capital.ro

The rumors that have appeared in the press in the last days about a possible reconciliation between Pepe and Oana Zăvoranu have been vehemently denied by the singer.

"There is nothing true. I did not speak, I never contacted her, I did not complicate myself ”, said the artist for wowbiz.ro.

Oana Zăvoranu and Pepe were married several years ago, but the marriage of the two did not end in friendly terms. However, Oana Zvorov confessed to contacting the ex-husband of the holiday. Pepe said that he did not answer her and that he is not going to talk to her in any way.

Pepe did not want to respond to the actress

Pepe claims that Oana did send him a holiday message, but did not reply, especially because he knew what was going to be discussed in the public space.

"She sent me a message from Holidays. Normally, I didn't answer, I didn't have to answer the message, talk to her. Especially since I knew what was going to happen and I was already seeing the articles on this topic, although I knew that I would never open such a discussion ”, added the singer, according to the source mentioned.

The former husband of the actress in the series "Sacrifice" also said that he is not interested in a reconciliation with Oana. Pepe has forgotten the past and wants to continue his life with his beautiful wife and the two daughters he is very proud of.

Also, Pepe also said that he has never searched for Oana and considers that he has nothing to do with her.

"I didn't talk to her, I didn't send her messages, I'm not interested in the subject, I don't nod. We have nothing to talk about … It would be the peak ", Pepe said vehemently.

What wealth does Oana Zăvoranu have?

The actress claims that her mother has hardly collected the wealth she currently enjoys. Also, Măăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăăă was not at all easy to keep his wealth, especially since many were waiting for the end, with the thought of leaving it "with absolutely nothing".

"He found out that they were going to die, because they were convinced he was going to die, and to raise capital to leave her with absolutely nothing. I can bring you the document with the money that I got out on a certain day from a bank, which were the result of one year and some trials and some 15 years of fighting with my mother. And that sum in deeds is € 1,175,000 ”, said Oana Zăvoranu at Antena Stars.

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