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Launched a few days ago new promotional spot for the Tre brand of the joint operator Wind Tre, focused on the promotion called “Pay after the summer", with which you can buy some Samsung smartphones and start paying them by October 2019.

The protagonists of the summer commercial, currently on air on TV, continue to be the two testimonials Madalina Ghenea is Giorgio Chiellini, accompanied, in the background and in an exclusive world preview, by the new single from Fabio Rovazzi (brand ambassador of Wind).

The short film emphasizes the idea of ​​relaxation and light-heartedness, typical of the summer season, alternating between the Juventus defender and the Romanian model and actress in a series of purchases made, with payment postponed until after the summer, at a point of view, a store of clothing, a taxi and a bar. Finally the two go to a 3Store and buy a new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10, always through delayed payment.

As reported above, the spot is aimed at promoting the initiative Pay after the summer, launched recently, on the occasion of the launch of the new commercial operator canvass, and valid until 21 July 2019, except for further extensions. In detail the communication focuses on Samsung Galaxy S10, whose purchase with the operator guarantees a saving of 300 euros (calculated with respect to the price of the 128 GB version sold for three in cash mode at 929.90 euros).

The advertising message is programmed in the 30-second format on the major national TV networks and is available on the official 3 Italia Youtube channel.

The promo in question allows the telephone operator's customers to buy a smartphone from the famous South Korean manufacturer Samsung right away, between Galaxy S10e, S10, S10 + is Notes 9, and of pay the first installment after the summer season.

The terminal purchased as part of the initiative "Pay after the summer“Must be combined with the tariff options All-in and Free Power Summer Edition. The purchase takes place through the sale at Rate Three or the Compass loan, and when the promotion and offer are activated, only the cost of the combined offer (All-in Power Summer Edition or Free Power Summer Edition) is charged to the customer without the installment amount of the chosen Smartphone, charged starting from October 2019.

Furthermore, apart from the postponement of the initial installment of the device, new and already three customers are offered the opportunity to take advantage of the offer All-in Power Summer Edition consisting of unlimited minutes and SMS with 100 Giga for 11.99 euros per month, instead of 14.99 euros, or the tariff option Free Power Summer Edition which offers the same bundle, but with additional services Change, Return is Keep, for which it is however necessary add 5.99 euros per month.

The following are envisaged: a contractual restriction of 30 months, 29 installments of the same amount and a final installment, (which changes depending on the smartphone you choose), which cannot be paid with Prepaid Cards and Electron Cards.

It specifies that in any case the total cost that each customer has to bear each month is given by the sum of the commercial installment of the smartphone chosen, from the 11.99 euros of the offer and as far as the Free is concerned, even from 5.99 euros more per month.

As for the contribution of the two offers All-in and Free Power Summer Edition, for new customers (both in portability and with a new number) which remain active for 30 months, the payment of 6.99 euros instead of 55.99 euros. For already customers with post-paid item offer, the cost of exchange offered to to All-in with smartphone or Free is 50 euros. If there are no active offers, the activation fee amounts to € 19.99. The cost of a new SIM Three is 10 euros without traffic included.

In case of early deactivation the remaining 49 euros of the activation cost will be charged, and the payment in a single solution of the remaining installments not yet paid relating to the purchase of the phone.

To all customers who have switched to another operator for less than 60 days and wish to return to Tre requesting number portability, an additional amount will be charged. 19 euros. It will not be possible to deactivate the option without withdrawing from the offer.

Finally, remember that both All-in and Free Power Summer Edition include the service free of charge Giga Bank, adherence to the initiative Grande Cinema 3 and, for all new customers, the4G LTE option, which allows access to the 4G LTE high-speed data network of 3. For existing customers it costs instead 1 euro per month.

For more detailed information on the economic conditions required by Tre for each smartphone, we recommend reading the dedicated in-depth analysis or visiting the operator's official website.

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