Politics, Communali a Botrugno, Macculi becomes candidate again: challenge with his former deputy mayor De Mitri

The former prime minister, ten years after the end of his administration, tries again to give continuity to the majority: the opposition chooses the former deputy mayor of Macculi as a candidate.

It will be a sort of "derby" the vote in the administrative offices of Botrugno, where Silvano Macculi, former mayor for ten years and provincial councilor, returns as candidate for mayor: against him Pasquale De Mitri known as Nino, for a long time his collaborator and also deputy mayor junta of Macculi.

Joined for Botrugno that candid Macculi is the historic group that has been administering the Municipality for the past twenty years: the outgoing mayor, Pasquale Barone, has stepped back as leaders, and after five years at the helm of the institution has preferred not to attempt reconfirmation, although he will be part of the team. Several reconfirmations of the outgoing majority group and an important defection, that of Donato Biasco, historical assessor, who chose not to be part of the match.

Open-minded Civic Movement, after five years of opposition and a measure of defeat at the administrative last, try again to reverse the political history of the Municipality, expanding its coalition and choosing a candidate who has a strong electoral support from his administrative experience. For the rest, there are several confirmations among those who have lived these five years in the minority, starting from the former candidate for mayor and group leader Simona Schiattino.

These are the lists:

"United for Botrugno" (Silvano Macculi, candidate for mayor): Pasquale Barone, Stefania Bello, Fabio Fedele, Antonio Mariano, Raffaella Mariano, Lucio Negro, Antonio Carlo Nicolardi, Massimo Santese, Francesco Stefanelli, Francesco Vergari.

"Openly Civic Movement" (Pasquale De Mitri known as Nino, candidate for mayor): Donatella Biasco, Catia Bolognino, Fabio Di Bari, Gabriele Manzo, Giampiero Micocci, Lucio Donato Negro, Martina Renna, Simona Schiattino, Claudia Vergari, Gianluigi Vergari.

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