«Princess» Ghenea, back in the one million euro palace

On April 3, Charlotte, their little girl, celebrates her birthday, so Mădălina Ghenea and Matei Stratan will be together at this important event. After the anniversary, they also planned to christen the little one, so another uplifting moment brings the two parents together.
This time they will hold hands as in love as they did in the beginning, because they gave up their pride and, after many heated disputes and a period when they lived separated, the pigeons reconciled again.

This is the news of spring about the most beautiful couple in local showbiz! Matei Stratan (32 years old) and Mădălina Ghenea (29 years old) love each other again and want to grow up together with little Charlotte.
After this decision, the actress took her things from the apartment where she lived in the Unirii area and moved to the palace that Matei Stratan bought at the end of 2017, in the area of ​​Andrei Mureşanu.

Photoreporters Click! They surprised the two, Tuesday morning, in the house for which the rich man spent a million euros. Before leaving for the office, Matei led his girlfriend to a salon for body treatments in the Dorobanti area. Both were smiling, as far as Mădălina can be said, the ray of happiness.
Dressed in black clothes, molded on the round shapes, with boots over the knees, and on the shoulder with a purse of 20,000 euros, it made the passersby delight in the area. He seems to have been fond of this outfit, because he also showed up in Italy a few weeks ago. He entered the salon and spent more than three hours there.

She probably wants to look perfect at her daughter's christening, so she did some body treatments with state-of-the-art equipment. She was expected by a friend who was driving a 30,000-euro Opel.
Although she was brought in by a lover with a Porsche worth over 100,000 euros, Mădălina, a modest girl, was not ashamed to cram her long legs into a cheaper car 30 times. On the contrary, he was amused by the situation, then climbed into the car and rushed to the villa where he lives, for several weeks, with the rich Matei Stratan.

Relationship from 2016, with many quarrels and separations

The love story between Mădălina Ghenea and Matei Stratan started in May, 2016.
After having relations with Dragoș Savulescu (2009-2011), Leonardo di Caprio (2011), Gerard Butler (2012-2013), Michael Fassbender (2014) or Philip Pleine (2016), Olteanca met Matei Stratan, most rich among her lovers, with a wealth of 300 million euros. Only three months after they met, the artist became pregnant.

In April 2017, she gave birth to a little girl named Charlotte. The arrival of the child in the world brought them great joy, but the disputes began, and in November, last year, the two separated.

She stayed in the apartment, and the millionaire bought her a beautiful villa, but the child had access to both parents. He lived in Matei for a good time, and Mădălina went to see her. Here, now, after four months, they have reconciled again.