private life and girlfriend of the entrepreneur

Despite his young age, he is already one of the most influential men in Italy: here is who is Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio, who stole the heart of a famous star.

Perhaps his name is not entirely new: Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio is the heir of a very famous family of entrepreneurs, at the head of the giant Luxottica. A very prominent offspring among the younger ones, but it seems to have already found his better half. And it's certainly not just any girl …

Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio, the biography

Born in Milan on 6 May 1995, under the zodiac sign of Bull, the young man is the son of the founder and president of Luxottica, Leonardo Del Vecchio. He has 5 brothers: his father had 3 children from his first wife, then he met the woman who gave him Leonardo Maria and finally had a third report from which the last two children were born.

The boy studied Business Economics and Management at the Bocconi University in Milan, then traveled between the United States and England to learn more about his family's business. In 2017, Leonardo Maria is back at live in Milan and joined Luxottica. The following year he became CEO of Salmoiraghi and Viganò, always belonging to his father.

The Del Vecchio family is one of the most important: Leonardo Maria's father is the second richest man in Italy and, as estimated by Forbes in 2019, owns a heritage of about 19.58 billion dollars. The young man also leads a very comfortable life, but he has never spared himself in the family business.

The private life of Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio

Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio
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The boy never loved putting his own private life under the lights of the spotlights, so that even his Instagram profile is armored, letting what he shares remain reserved only for his friends. But inevitably his love affairs came into the open because of the paparazzi. We know that in the past it has long been linked to Alessia Tedeschi, beautiful model very famous in Italy.

In 2019, Leonardo Maria was spotted together with the splendid Madalina Ghenea, in attitudes that did not leave much to doubt. Their patronage would have started in the fall, but it was only in December that they were paparazzati together, aboard a helicopter while they reached St. Moritz.

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