Prosthetics with stiletto heels, belly-pieces, tattoos and daring looks: the best of the Venice red carpet

It is done first to say who is not there. In these days the Lido of Venice, where the 76th edition of the Film Festival is in progress, is besieged by actresses, models, guests who for various reasons cross the red carpet showing off curious or decidedly daring looks, but also sending strong messages and committed.

Beautiful and fair: the choice of Giusy Versace

This is the case, for example, of Giusy Versace, the Paralympic athlete who lost his legs in a car accident in 2005 when he was 28 years old. Giusy arrived at the Lido with her friends and colleagues Jo Squillo is Francesca Carollo to present the docufilm "Women in prison tell each other", A journey in the women's section of the San Vittore Prison in Milan. And he chose to present himself with his prostheses clearly visible, moving perfectly at ease over the vertiginous stilettos. Not only. Giusy, who wore a black dress with golden stars, also adorned her prosthetic designs and decorations, making them more glamorous than ever.

The message is very clear: the handicap not only must not be hidden, but must be claimed as a way and an opportunity not to surrender to the difficulties of life, not to be discouraged by prejudices, not to feel different and not to allow no one to ghettoize us.

A 70-year-old tattoo: Catherine Deneuve's choice

The tattoo that the divine of French cinema, Catherine Deneuve, has also talked a lot about he sported on his bare back: also in this case the message is not to renounce to be himself at any age, giving himself unconventional gestures since the tattoos are generally the prerogative of the most govani.

Bar Refaeli and Madalina Ghenea

Also on the red carpet was the beautiful Israeli model, Bar Refaeli, more and more in love with her spouse Adi Ezra, who showed off her baby's third pregnancy. But also the Romanian model Madalina Ghenea, the one who in "Youth" by Paolo Sorrentino made the two protagonists of the film remain in salt as she emerged naked from the water showing her perfect side b. the photo gallery also recognizes Alessandra Mastronardi, godmother of this edition, Pedro Almodovar, Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, and superstars Scarlett Johansson and Brad Pitt.