Report, Insane car race to escape control: 19-year-old drunk ends up in handcuffs

The episode late yesterday evening in Casarano. The young man was confined to house arrest.

Drunk driving, he tried to escape police checks without getting away with it. He ended up in handcuffs S.M., 19 year old from Casarano, stopped last night while driving his car in a state of alcoholic intoxication.
During a normal inspection service, the police noticed a Renault Megane car speeding through the streets of the center at high speed, dangerously ignoring intersections and traffic signs. At the sight of the police, the young man began a dangerous escape, which ended after a complicated chase in the city center. The 19-year-old, who in the crazy race took dangerously some streets in the wrong direction and crossed intersections with the red light, stopped only after he saw the road blocked by the police car. Subsequent investigations revealed an alcohol content of 1.03 g / l in the blood.

Given the conduct of the young man, whose reckless driving has dissolved, in addition to his own safety, that of agents and other road users, he was arrested for crimes of resistance to P.U. and driving while intoxicated and, at the disposal of the P.M. on duty, subjected to the measure of house arrest, pending judgment for direttissima set for today.