river of 100 euro notes, but they are false
false notes for navigli bight

False banknotes in the Navigli (Ansa)

MILAN – Unexpected awakening for the Milanese that on the morning of Wednesday 4 December discovered hundreds of 100 euro banknotes in the waters of the Naviglio Pavese. Only once recovered did the disappointment arrive: they were all false. Around 7.30am, a long trail of cash appeared on the stream carried by the current in Darsena, where almost all the money was collected from the lock. "Some were even collected in bribes held in the straps," a resident explained.

The origin is not clear, the hypothesis is that it could be an artistic-advertising operation. Several witnesses have thought to dive into the cold waters of the Naviglio with the hope of having found a treasure lost by some thug. But, perhaps due to the morning temperature, no one succumbed to the temptation to enter. The mystery linked to their origin remains, at least for now. A gang of counterfeiters who gave up the illegal loot or the joke of some jokers?

In August 2017, a couple from Rome formed by a young thirty-year-old Roman and a girl from Eastern Europe, used some fake half-notes: one original and the other half false, so as to deceive even optical readers . For several weeks, the two sowed these banknotes around the city, both in self-service petrol stations and change machines. These are fake banknotes of 10, 20 and 50 euros: in all the two had ready to be spent 4 thousand euros in tickets of 50 euros but they were stopped by the Carabinieri.

Source: Ansa, Repubblica

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false notes of Navigli Pavese