Romanian, must have in the wardrobe of the modern woman. You have reason to wear it! (P)

As a part of the popular costume, the Romanian one now brings, through its elements, features that remind of a distant past and "talk" about unity and continuity. Thracians, Getae and Dacians wore it, and now wearing it even the most sophisticated women that include it in a variety of outfits.

In itself, a shirt made in the past by flax, hemp, borangic, silk or wool – in the recent period, and of melted or cotton cloth – transmits it beyond traditional, being a piece of clothing that is said to provide protection by symbols whose significance is magical and beneficial.

According to Carmina Nitu, a professor of folk dances, a loved one of all the Romanian tradition and folklore, the value it deserves deserves a place in the immaterial patrimony Unesco, along with the bark (traditional Romanian rug), Martisor and caroling in the fog – already written in this patrimony by Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Thus, Carmina Nitu promotes the authentic folk port and recommends that the romance be introduced to the most diverse outfits and not just on the 24th of June, the "Universal Day of the Day" is celebrated, a recent event on facebook in 2013 Among the most important reasons that they claim to be a must have for the modern woman, they could not miss the following:

Take a fashion piece with a modern twist

Without a doubt, the Romanian is a blouse that has been transformed over time to fit into modern trends. They introduced her into fashion collections such as Matisse and Yves Saint-Laurent in her collections, a Hollywood star and stars in Romania – Kate Moss, Halle Berry, Khloe Kardashian, Emma Watson, Katie Holmes, Andreea Esca, Andreea Berecleanu, Teo, Inna, Mădălina Ghenea, etc. – and, last but not least, wearing women who do not have the status of celebrities, but they are really in love with the beauty of such a blouse.

Take a versatile piece of clothing

Its versatility allows it to be worn with many other pieces of clothing – from skirts with boho-chic notes and leather skirts to women's jeans or leather pants to denim shorts. The most attractive outfits that include them contain structured pieces, the materials from which they are worked are solid and mature.

On the other hand, but in that idea that supports the Romanian versatility, the shirt with the other can be worn in any season and at any event, without being limited by time or space. If at a pretentious event you can wear a fine and precious yarn, shopping or a common day, it can be appropriate to wear a cloth made of melted canvas or cotton.

In conclusion, this identifying landmark that admirably defines femininity has been rediscovered and permanently adapted to fascinate and convey from the history of a people endowed from ancient times with beautiful! "Universal Day of Ia" is an extra reason for the romance to wear the shirt with others, but it does not have to be unique because it takes the popular port as a whole is the emblem of the Romanian national identity!

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