Rome Film Festival 2019 | red carpet look

The spotlights on the Auditorium Parco della Musica are extinguished, the red carpet is rewound, but – in addition to the films, the meetings, the events – what will remain of the 14th Rome Film Festival it is precisely the memory of the many stars that have trod this red carpet. Actors, directors, but also singers, showgirls, dancers, who not only marched, but were entertained with fans and journalists for selfies and interviews, they received applause but – as always happens in these cases – also some criticism.

Rome Film Festival 2019: red carpet looks

Every self-respecting red carpet, from that of Rome Film Festival to that of Venice, from that of Cannes to that of Berlin, it becomes the stage of well-chosen or impractical looks. Beautiful clothes to take your breath away and others that leave you speechless because you just can't understand how you can wear a dress like that.

After 10 days of the Festa del Cinema, RomaToday has written its report cards: we are promoted and rejected …

John Travolta and the shirt fru fru

Given that after seeing his warmth towards the public, for us John Travolta can do anything, a small criticism of his look will be granted by the The Fanatic actor: Travolta reached the red carpet with a black suit (ankle trousers) and white shirt fru fru. We liked Danny's leather jacket best during a press conference. Rating 7

VIDEO | Film Festival, an ovation for John Travolta. On the red carpet he plays with the fans: "I answer them with love"

Gugu is a starry sky of beauty

There was one of the first stars to tread the red carpet of the Rome Film Festival Gugu Mbatha-Raw, protagonist of the film by Edward Norton Motherless Brooklyn – The secrets of a city. The actress has enchanted with her refinement and in all her looks. From the floral dress worn for the photocall and the press conference, to the fairy-tale blue starry night long dress, raised at moonlight on the red carpet of the Auditorium Parco della Musica. She the brightest star on the red carpet on the first day of the Festa del Cinema. Rated 10

Wes Anderson and that red sock (came down)

Wes Anderson and Bill Murray were among the stars who most talked about this 14th Rome Film Festival, for their "untranslated" close encounter, but Romatoday's watchful eye also fell on the dropped red sock by Wes. Looks out of line are fine, but that sock can only be rejected. Rating 4

Serena Rossi retro beauty

Serena Rossi, protagonist on the first Saturday of the festival to present the docu-film on Laura Biagiotti, she walked the red carpet with a vintage-style white dress. A sheath dress, with bare shoulders, with irregular lines. A bon ton dress that has further enhanced its delicate and refined beauty. Rated 8

INTERVIEW | Serena Rossi tells Laura Biagiotti: "I serve this crazy life"

Giuliano Sangiorgi and the damask jackets

We learned one thing from this Rome Film Festival: the Negramaro love the damask jackets, Giuliano in particular who showed off a yellow-gold at a press conference and a black one on the red carpet. And, to be objective, those jackets look great on him. Rating 9

Anna Foglietta and the red carpet in sneakers

No heels, no skimpy clothes, Anna Foglietta showed that beauty is simplicity, crossing the red carpet of the Rome Film Festival, with a black suit and white sneakers. Out of place? Not at all. For us it is to be promoted with a beautiful 7 +.

Foglietta and Minaccioni, a tribute to Franca Valeri at the Film Festival: "He wrote the grammar of comedy"

Stefania Orlando and the hot neckline

Stefania Orlando did not go unnoticed on the red carpet for that sexy look that highlighted all her sensuality. Deep split, neckline as well. A beautiful dress but little indicated, too excessive in our opinion, for the occasion. Rating 6

Rochelle half naked

No applause, only criticism for a half-naked Rochelle and anything but refined. The singer arrived on the Red Carpet with a flesh-colored mesh dress that showed everything. Rating 4

Cristina D'Avena is a fairy tale

On the red carpet of Playmobil The Movie, an animated film in which she gives voice to the Fairy Godmother, Cristina D'Avena showed off a very bright, fairy-tale, midnight blue and full of light points. A dress sewn on her and signed Elisabetta Franchi. Beautiful, smiling, our overall vote for sympathy, beauty and enthusiasm is a 9.

Playmobil The Movie, Cristina D’Avena is Fairy Godmother: “For the future? Crazy projects "

Valentina Vignali look wrong

On the sculpted physical nothing to say, on his contagious smile not even, but on his look we would have some footnote. The Roman basketball player and model chose a blue silk dress with a one-shoulder ruffle, very short, she paired a pair of boots covered with light spots and – to complete her outfit – she chose large silver hoop earrings. Vote 10 for the physical form, vote 6 for the look

Lorena Hunter and the "falling" stars

If the result wanted to be similar to that obtained by Gugu on the first day of the Festival, unfortunately the goal was not hit. The actress Lorena Cacciatore walked the red carpet with a very short black star dress that, more than a sky, reminded us of a famous biscuit. Rejected. Rating 5

Madalina Ghenea princely

Beautiful, resplendent, elegant, the model Madalina Ghenea reached the Auditorium with a black longdress with bare shoulders and a princely skirt down to the feet. The goals were all for her. Rated 10

Rosaria Cannavò "without skirt"

Rosaria Cannavò, former meteorina, as well as ex-girlfriend of Antonio Cassano and Cristian Panucci, showed her statuesque physique with the red carpet, but she dared – a little too much – with her total black mini-dress. The effect is immediate, the whole Auditorium has its eyes on it. Almost "without a skirt". 10 for courage and fitness, 7 for choice.

Favino and Viola Davis, the most beautiful red carpet

The 14th Rome Film Festival ended with the most beautiful red carpet in our opinion. Pierfrancesco Favino and Viola Davis they walked the beautiful red carpet on Saturday 26 October. The actor with a dark suit (shirt included) of a unique elegance. Viola has chosen a gorgeous total white long dress. Vote for both 10.

VIDEO | Viola Devis hits the Film Festival, Favino gives her the lifetime achievement award

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