Rome Film Festival 2019: the clothes and looks of the stars

It is the Oscar winner Viola Davis the icing on the cake of the 14th edition of the Rome Film Festival. To close the event, the great actress dressed in white. Full promotion to her look. But will it have gone equally well to all the stars and starlets who have paraded on the red carpet in these 10 days?
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Frankenstein is on the red carpet of the Capital Film Festival. The actress brings it to us Dree Hemingway, in the capital to accompany the film Run With The Hunted. Her look, but also that of the other celebs on the red carpet, in the gallery.

It came to amaze. The mission of Roshelle a Film festival it is more than evident. The singer who came out of X Factor definitely stands out, thanks to a (nude) look that puts the imagination on stand-by: what there is to see is (almost) all revealed to our eyes thanks to a dress made of … nothing.

Roshelle, photo Getty.


The naked looks of the stars on the red carpet

It was expected, indeed highly anticipated. But say Renée Zellweger no trace, on the red carpet of the biopic dedicated to Judy Garland, Judy, presented in the sixth evening of the capitiolino festival. On the other hand, another Stella, or Martina, who delighted the photographers with a great diva appearance. Her look – but also those of the other stars and starlets on the red carpet – to the test of our vote. In gallery up.

From Maria Elena Boschi to Carmen di Pietro: to celebrate Martin Scorsese on the red carpet of the fifth evening of the Capitoline kermis with his The Irishman a very wide range of various celebrities. The jewel in the crown – there is much to be said – of the glamor spotted on the red carpet of the fifth evening of the event, the at least daring look of the showgirl Alessia Fabiani. She seems very satisfied. We a little less.

Alessia Fabiani and her heart on the side b. Photo Getty.

All the looks (and ours votes) in gallery.

Fanny Ardant e Mira Sorvino. The charming Frenchwoman and the blonde and slender American. Chic each in its own way. The two actresses are the protagonists of the fourth evening of the Film Festival. But there are many presences more or less (especially less) known on the red carpet, whose party outfits deserve at least a comment. Inevitably poisonous.

On the third evening of the festival here comes one of the most anticipated films, or the film version of the cult series Downton Abbey. The immense on the red carpet Imelda Staunton and magnetic Michelle Dockery, in Valentino.
In Valentino also the always bizarre Frances McDormand, who accompanies Bill Murray to his honor masterclass. Total white designer Biagiotti, instead, on the red carpet of Illuminate, doc that tells the life and career of the stylist Laura.


Second evening, second red carpet, second parade of stars and looks (on which there would often be a little something to say). True icon of the red carpet, an unstoppable Sandra Milo, version «great evening as if nothing had happened». To attend the screening of Pavarottiobviously also Nicoletta Mantovani, more than essential in black.
On the “women hold on to the armchair” front, instead, Michele Morrone, to whom everything is forgiven.

Ready Set Go! Inaugural ribbon cutting of the 14th edition of the Rome Film Festival. All ‘Auditorium Parco della Musica the red carpet is unrolled for the opening screening of the Festival. The film opens the dance Motherless Brooklyn, directed by Edward Norton. The most sparkling star on the red carpet responds to the name of Gugu Mbatha-Raw, protagonist of the film. she knows it, and she also wants to tell us through her precious Gucci designer dress.

In gallery, all the stay on the red carpet and our grades on their looks.


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