Samsung launches a TV that can be positioned vertically for Insta Stories playback

Samsung believes that the way we use mobile phones has the chance to affect the way we consume video and still images permanently, so it launches a new TV concept that can be positioned either vertically or horizontally, according to user preferences. The company says it is specially created for the young audience, used to consume vertical video content, despite the fact that the price suggests that it is more likely to be influenced by a lot of money.

The South Korean manufacturer has launched a new QLED TV called Samsung Sero in the mother country. This is a 43 "diagonal TV that integrates some smart features taken from smartphones. It's an NFC module for quick connection to a mobile phone, support for the Bixby virtual assistant and integrated microphones, but it also comes with a range of "home cinema" functions such as 4.1 widescreen speakers. The TV comes with a it allows orientation in both portrait and landscape.

The idea is for Sero to be used to play content on your phone through wireless technologies, with the larger screen being more comfortable to use at home than the small one you can hold in your pocket. According to Jang Hee Han, chairman of the Samsung Electronics display division, "Samsung will continue to introduce screens that respect consumer tastes." This statement probably refers to the fact that many content creators criticize how many smartphone users are filming, holding the phone vertically and not horizontally.

Unfortunately, however, there are very few chances that the "millennial" public will allow such a television in the near future. At 18.9 million won, or about 16,300 US dollars, Samsung Sero seems to be a luxury item.