Sanremo 2016, all the dresses by Madalina Ghenea

13 February 2016 | 23:30 Angelo De Marinis

Let's face it: we are all waiting for the Sanremo Festival to have our say not only on songs and their interpreters, on the prestige of the guests and on the atmosphere of the show, but also – and for some especially – on the charm and theelegance of the conductors.

This year – without taking anything away from the beautiful and good Virginia Raffaele which, however, we have only seen so far in his own interpretations, moreover very successful – the door of the charm is undoubtedly Madalina Ghenea, the Romanian show-girl that the Italian public met in 2011 in "Dancing with the Stars" and then rediscovered as an actress in the latest film by Paolo Sorrentino Youth – Youth.

We offer you an overview – it would be more correct to say a "catwalk" – of the clothes that Madalina, with natural elegance, wears on the Ariston stage.