Sanremo 2019, the plays of the fourth evening. Peaks and comparison with the last 8 editions

Sanremo, 9 February 2019 – You listen still falling for Sanremo 2019. It is absolutely not a meltdown, that of the Festival, but i Auditel data of the fourth evening show a further decline compared to 2018 where, it should be noted, record performances were recorded. The viewers who followed the evening of duets there were 9 million 552 thousand, equal to 46.1% of share. Yesterday the 24 Big performed with the guests, reinterpreting the songs in the competition. To make a comparison: last year the evening duets had a booming audience with 10 million 108 thousand viewers and a 51.1% share. This is a drop of 5 percentage points and around 500,000 spectators. However, the fourth festival evening earns around 150,000 spectators on the third, a sign that the 'trend' of the Festival is still positive. Tonight the the final which will announce the winner of the 69th edition.

LISTEN – The first part of the fourth evening of the festival (from 21.24 to 23.39) was followed on Rai1 by 11 million 170 thousand spectators with 45.5% share, the second (from 23.43 to 00.51) had 6 million 215 thousand with the 48.6%. In 2018 the first part of the duet evening was followed by 12 million 246 thousand viewers equal to 49.1% share, the second from 6 million 849 thousand with 57.3%.

I PICCHI – The peak of listening in absolute values ​​during the fourth evening was recorded at 9.45 pm, with 13 million 32 thousand spectators for a presentation of Claudio Bisio, the share price was reached at 00.50 with 51.3% when Claudio Baglioni awarded Motta and Nada for the best duet. RaiPlay is still growing: half a million media views for live streaming, with over 4 million for video on demand for the three evenings (+ 32% compared to 2018). The feedback on the social networks is also good: almost 3 million interactions were reached which, added to the previous nights, reached 11 million (+ 7%). Compared to the fourth day of 2018 the interactions on the three social networks have increased by 15%. The growth trend of Facebook and Instagram is confirmed.

Listen to the fourth evening of Sanremo from 2000 to today:

Sanremo 2011 – Leads Gianni Morandi, with Belen Rodriguez, Elisabetta Canalis and Luca and Paolo. Average fourth evening 10.617.000 – 46.91%
Sanremo 2012 – Leads Gianni Morandi, with Rocco Papaleo and Ivana Mrazova. Average fourth evening 9.931.000 – 41.97%
Sanremo 2013 – Leads Fabio Fazio, with Luciana Littizzetto. Average fourth evening 11.538.000 – 48.17%
Sanremo 2014 – Leads Fabio Fazio, with Luciana Littizzetto. Average fourth evening 8,188,000 – 37.97%
Sanremo 2015 – Leads Carlo Conti, with Emma, ​​Arisa and Rocio Munoz Morales. Average fourth evening 9.857.000 – 47.81%
Sanremo 2016 – Leads Carlo Conti, with Virginia Raffaele, Gabriel Garko and Madalina Ghenea. Average fourth evening 10.164.000 – 47.81%
Sanremo 2017 – Leads Carlo Conti, with Maria De Filippi Media fourth evening 9.886.000, share of 47.05%
Sanremo 2018 – Conducts Claudio Baglioni, Michelle Hunzinker and Pierfrancesco Favino, Media fourth evening 10,108,000 with 51.1% share
Sanremo 2019 – Conducts Claudio Baglioni, with Virginia Raffaele and Claudio Bisio. Average evening 9.6 million and 46.1% share

CELENTANO – If the plays hold, but don't shine, to support the Festival thinks about it Adriano Celentano. "Bravo Claudio! For the second time you finally gave a twist to the Festival", says the springy. "A festival that was right until there was Baudo. After him, the collapse. Until you appeared, the wind that cleans and wipes out the dangerous immobility of those who preceded you. Captivating piece of Silvestri and beautiful the text of the good Cristicchi. Fortissimo Bisio and unreachable Virginia. You are strong boys! ", the dispassionate endorsement of Celentano.

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