‘Sanremo 2020’, the Amadeus and Fiorello Festival of Records continues: listening on the fourth evening and comparing it with past editions

The great success of this 70th edition of the Sanremo festival: in this edition of record which recorded important numbers in terms of audience, the fourth evening of the singing festival confirmed the appreciation of the public who continues to follow the Sanremo with great interest. In fact, 9,504,000 spectators were glued to the small screen of RaiUno while it share it was 53%. The first part of the evening was seen by 12,674,000 spectators with 52.3% of share, while the second from 5,795,000 spectators with 56% of share.

Once again the Ligurian conductor and him entertainer Sicilian set a record: analyzing the data auditel in fact, in the last 20 years, the fourth evening had never recorded such high numbers! Beyond the super flop of Goofy Baudo is Piero Chiambretti in 2008, in fact, few had managed to overcome, on the third evening, the threshold of 50% of share he is alone Claudio Baglioni in 2018 it had approached such an important result reaching 51.10% of share and conquering 10,108,000 spectators.

During the evening there was no lack of twists (as we told you HERE) and in addition to the inevitable and highly appreciated gag of Fiorello (who sealed peace on stage with Tiziano Ferro with a small duet and a kiss), the presence of super guests such as was enthusiastic about the audience Dua Lipa is Gianna Nannini paired with Coez and some (expected and unexpected) surprises that sent i into raptures company: before there was the fake fall of Ghali which frightened the audience in the audience (and not only) and then the sudden elimination of Morgan is BugoMorgan revisits their song ‘Sincere’ with verses that attack his adventure companion who, indignantly, leaves the stage, Amadeus tries to restore order while Fiorello does not fail to be ironic about the whole event and then the disqualification of the duo is announced – which immediately entered the trend on Twitter.

Sanremo 2019:
leads Claudio Baglioni with Claudio Bisio is Virginia Raffaele. Spectators: 9,552,000. Share: 46.1%

Sanremo 2018:
leads Claudio Baglioni with Michelle Hunziker is Pierfrancesco Favino. Spectators: 10,108,000. Share: 51.10%

Sanremo 2017:
leads Carlo Conti with Maria De Filippi. Spectators: 9.886.000. Share: 47.05%.

Sanremo 2016:
leads Carlo Conti with Virginia Raffaele, Gabriele Garko is Madalina Ghenea. Spectators: 10.164.000. Share: 47.81%.

Sanremo 2015:
leads Carlo Conti with Arisa, Emma is Rocio Munoz Morales. Spectators: 9.857.000. Share: 47.81%.

Sanremo 2014:
leads Fabio Fazio with Luciana Littizzetto. Spectators: 8,188,000. Share: 37.97%.

Sanremo 2013:
leads Fabio Fazio with Luciana Littizzetto. Spectators: 11.538.000. Share: 48.17%.

Sanremo 2012:
leads Gianni Morandi with Rocco Papaleo is Ivana Mrazova. Spectators: 9,931,000. Share: 41.97%.

Sanremo 2011:
leads Gianni Morandi with Belen Rodriguez, Elisabetta Canalis is Luca and Paolo. Spectators: 10,617,000. Share: 46.91%.

Sanremo 2010:
leads Antonella Clerici. Spectators: 11,274,000. Share: 50.74%.

Sanremo 2009:
leads Paolo Bonolis with Luca Laurenti. Spectators: 10,219,000. Share: 47.47%.

Sanremo 2008:
leads Goofy Baudo with Piero Chiambretti, Bianca Guaccero is Andrea Osvart. Spectators: 5,305,000. Share: 30.28%.

Sanremo 2007:
leads Goofy Baudo with Michelle Hunziker. Spectators: 8,682,000. Share: 45.86%.

Sanremo 2006:
leads Giorgio Panariello with Ilary Blasi is Victoria Cabello. Spectators: 8,267,000. Share: 36.74%.

Sanremo 2005:
leads Paolo Bonolis with Antonella Clerici is Federica Fellini. Spectators: 10,387,000. Share: 50.18%.

Sanremo 2004:
leads Simona Ventura with Paola Cortellesi, Maurizio Crozza is Gene Gnocchi. Spectators: 9,742,000. Share: 40.69%.

Sanremo 2003:
leads Goofy Baudo with Serena Autieri is Claudia Gerini. Spectators: 7,813,000. Share: 38.23%.

Sanremo 2002:
leads Goofy Baudo with Manuela Arcuri is Vittoria Belvedere. Spectators: 9,758,000. Share: 50.34%.

Sanremo 2001:
leads Raffaella Carrà with Megan Gale, Massimo Ceccherini and Enrico Papi. Spectators: 10,010,000. Share: 43.01%.

Sanremo 2000:
leads Fabio Fazio with Luciano Pavarotti, Teo Teocoli is Ines Sastre. Spectators: 11,786,000. Share: 49.82%.