Shopping downtown for Madalina Ghenea

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For her shopping tour, Madalina chose a casual and comfortable look. The flowery minidress discovers its long toned and tanned thighs. Above he wears a light kimono with an ethnic taste and at the foot a pair of sneakers because you know: when you go hunting, you run the risk of grinding miles. The black mask hides part of her face, but enhances her magnetic and intense gaze.

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Ghenea is 33 years old and is a mother of Charlotte, three years old, had by his ex partner Matei Stratan. It entered the hearts of Italians after playing a role in the film “Youth” by Paolo Sorrentino and left its mark with its co-conduction of the Sanremo Festival in 2016 (alongside Carlo Conti with Gabriel Garko e Virginia Raffaele). On social media he seduces thousands of fans with spicy shots, showing off his amazing curves.

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