Sile Cămătaru’s son’s girlfriend destroyed a Mercedes in Iași.  Spectacular accident

The accident in which the girlfriend of Sile Cămătaru’s son was involved happened this morning, around 5.00 am on Nicolina road in Iași. Sile Cămătaru’s son and his girlfriend, aged 27, spent the previous evening at a wedding that took place in a location in Iasi, Le Gaga.

Towards morning, an argument broke out between the two, after which the young woman, well intoxicated by alcohol, got behind the wheel of her white Mercedes and left the Le Gaga party.

Due to the very high speed with which she was driving, in a curve, she lost control of the steering wheel, and the car jumped over a ditch and ended up in the yard of a house. The vehicle of tens of thousands of euros was almost completely destroyed, as were the fences of two households. According to the local press, the woman was very lucky, she passed millimeter by death.

The policemen of the Iași Traffic Police Brigade arrived at the scene and investigated the incident. From the first researches it was established that the woman was under the influence of alcoholic beverages, having an alcoholic concentration of 0.72% in the breathed air.

Around 5.00 am, the traffic police were notified about a road accident, in which a woman, who was driving a car, allegedly left the roadway, colliding with a fence. It was tested for alcohol, resulting in being under the influence of alcohol. In this case, investigations are being carried out in terms of committing the crime of driving a car under the influence of alcohol or other substances “, said the traffic police officers from Iași, in a press release.

According to the quoted source, the driver was taken to a medical unit where biological samples were taken to determine the exact concentration of alcohol and received specialized medical care.

“The woman was taken to a medical unit where biological samples were taken to establish the exact blood alcohol level,” the Iași Traffic Police said in a statement.