Similarity between Rosa Perrotta and Madalina Ghenea

The one of the similarities is a post that we of IsaeChia We dedicate daily to the many reports sent to us by the readers of our site (via email to or away social network, through our pages Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) that propose a physical similarity that they find, in their features or colors, between two characters of television, music, cinema, gossip or sport. It is therefore a light post, without any purpose other than to note whether there is any analogy between two known people.

Here is the similarity of today:

Hi Isa and Chia! I propose the similarity between the former tronista of "Men and Women" Rosa Perrotta is Madalina Ghenea! Marcella

Similarity between Rosa Perrotta and Madalina Ghenea

What do you think?

(The cover image of the posts dedicated to similarities was made for from the young artist from Campania Raffaele Scarano)