Steaua wins in front of Dinamo.  The derby had been the talk of green all week and fans of both teams could be seen throughout the stadium.

The appeal made by FC Dinamo to the decision of the Disciplinary Commission in the dispute with FCSB was definitively rejected, informs FRF, in a press release.

„It admits the exception of the lack of active procedural quality of Dinamo 1948 SA in promoting the appeal. Dismisses the appeal as being brought by a person without standing to bring proceedings. Definitive and enforceable internally. The decision can be appealed to the CAS, within 21 days from the communication. Delivered today, 21.07.2020, in a non-public meeting, at the FRF headquarters in Bucharest ”, it is shown in the FRF communiqué.

At the end of last week, the Discipline Commission within FRF rejected the complaint filed by FC Dinamo Bucharest, which challenged the right to play of goalkeeper Andrei Vlad in the round match in the semifinals of the Romanian Cup. FCSB won this game on the field, in front of Dinamo, with the score of 3-0. Subsequently, FCSB also won the return with the score of 1-0

Dinamo submitted, through the general secretary of FRF, Radu Vişan, a memorandum to the Discipline Commission requesting that he be awarded the victory at the green table, in the round match with FCSB, because the goalkeeper Andrei Vlad would not have had the right to play .

„Pursuant to art. 83.10.1 of the RD of the FRF corroborated with art. 25 of ROAF rap. the art. 3 admits the exception of the lack of active procedural quality of the general secretary of FRF invoked ex officio. Rejects the notification of the general secretary of FRF, as being formulated by a person without active procedural capacity ”, it is shown in the motivation formulated by the Disciplinary Commission at the end of the trial.

Dinamo complained that the FCSB goalkeeper had accumulated two yellow cards, in the eighth and in the quarterfinals of the competition, and this would not have given him the right to play in the claimed match. According to the disciplinary regulations, the yellow cards are canceled before the quarterfinals of the Romanian Cup, and according to the Regulation for the Organization of Football Activity (ROAF) in Romania, they are canceled before the eighth finals.

Thus, if the Disciplined Regulations are taken into account, the FCSB player had the right to play, but according to ROAF, he did not.

The final of the Romanian Cup will take place on Wednesday, July 22 this year, starting at 20.00, between FCSB and Sepsi, on the Ilie Oană arena in Ploieşti.

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