2019 advertising songs: the list of the most popular commercials of the year.

Often the commercials remain impressed not only for the proposed video, but also and above all for the songs that accompany them. In fact, they are able to enter into the head of each of us and become real torments, so that more and more often the most popular artists "lend" their songs for sponsorships.

Given how important they are in this area and how they are objectively beautiful, we have decided to offer you the 10 songs from the most popular commercials in 2019. With a lot of video Youtube to enjoy these very interesting and catchy songs.

1) Iliad advertising song: Get up – Chinese Man

The song that accompanies this commercial is "Get up" by Chinese Man, a French rap group. It is a catchy background, which combined with a commercial that makes comedy its best weapon, remains in the mind of the viewer. Thanks to this participation the transalpine group has had a good success also in our country.

2) Song advertising Tim: Fear for nobody – Maneskin

The song Fear for nobody is the soundtrack to the commercial of Tim, is extracted from the album entitled "The dance of life". The Roman band, which took second place in the eleventh edition of X-Factor, combines the catchy rhythm of its song with the most famous Italian phone company commercial.

3) Fiat advertising song: Just one lifetime – Sting & Shaggy

The song entitled "Just one lifetime", signed by two music stars like Sting and Shaggy, with its involving rhythm in a short time has become a success. The two singers also make their appearance in advertising, which launches one of Fiat's flagship models, namely the new 500, even singing inside one of them.

4) Advertising song Three: Giant – Calvin Harris feat Rag’n’bone man

Another phone giant chose the song entitled "Giant" by the Scottish producer Calvin Harris, accompanied by the English singer songwriter Rag'n'bone man. In the commercial appear Juventus footballer Giorgio Chiellini and Romanian model Madalina Ghenea, who challenge each other with shots of photos on the notes of this track.

5) Galaxy note 9 advertising song: Thunderclouds – LSD (Labirinth, Sia & Diplo)

The trio of artists, who joined together under the acronym LSD, was chosen by the electronics giant as the ideal soundtrack for the Galaxy Note 9. Thunderclouds is the third single of this group and is a song that manages to enter into head with ease, given its engaging rhythm.

6) Vodafone advertising song: Some women shine – Ligabue

Luciano Ligabue's new song, titled "Certe donne brillano", was chosen by Vodafone to offer its new promotion to the public. This song, a tribute to the women who can make their mark in the lives of others, is the ideal soundtrack for this spot, in which the singer also appears while performing in front of an audience of women only.

7) Dior advertising song: Chandler – Sia

The song "Chandler" by Sia, seems made for the publicity proposed by Dior, where the beautiful actress Natalie Portman is the protagonist of all the things that you would do for love. The vocal extension of the cantate does the rest, with the conclusion of the commercial proposing Miss Dior, the new fragrance of this brand adored by many.

8) Seat 2019 advertising song: Walk on the Wild Side – Lou Reed

The song that serves as the soundtrack to the SUV advertising of the car manufacturer Seat is a cover of Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side. It, through a rather explicit language, touches taboo and transgressive themes, just like the image they wanted to give in the spot of this new car. It is a winning combination, also because the song is one of those that does not struggle to get in the head.

9) Alfa Romeo advertising song: Don't stop me – Bowland

Even the Italian car manufacturer cannot resist the charm of musical accompaniment for its commercials. In fact, his new Giulietta range has as a soundtrack the song "Don't stop me" by the Iranian group Bowland. The revelation of X-Factor 2018 has therefore contributed with this track (not totally unpublished as it was already present in the Floating Trip album, published in 2017) to the launch of the new model.

10) Wind advertising song: We are family – Sister Sledge

Wind has decided to dust off a vintage piece for his spot in 2019, we're talking about "We are family" by the Sister Sledge group. This track presents a sound that evokes memories and at the same time manages to put in a good mood, transmitting the message that Wind's customers are members of a large family.

This really is all about the 10 most popular advertising songs in 2019, we just have to wish you good listening!

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