the 5 secrets of the presenter Virginia Raffaele

From grandmother to those who hate her. Five secrets of Virginia Raffaele, the prima donna of Sanremo 2019

sanremo 2019

The three presenters of Sanremo 2019, at the press conference: Claudio Baglioni, Claudio Bisio and Virginia Raffaele. But who is Virginia Raffaele, beloved actress / host / imitator?

Five curiosities about Virginia Raffaele. To arrive very prepared a Sanremo 2019. Meanwhile, the news just arrived is that Virginia Raffaele will shine in Chopard jewelry. The challenge to the extremely fashionable Michelle Hunziker a year ago has already been launched. To "go over", look below the gallery with all the looks of the queen of Sanremo 2018.

Sanremo 2019 is just around the corner. In a few hours, the Ligurian city will be transformed for five days into the Italian capital of music. And the Ariston theater in the most "recovered" and photographed place in Italy. Absolute protagonists, the 24 artists who will take turns on stage. But not only.

sanremo 2019

Virginia Raffaele is the prima donna of Sanremo 2019. In 2016, she shared the stage with, among others Madalina Ghenea (photo). This time, with Claudio Baglioni and Claudio Bisio, there is only her. Photo LaPresse

Together with them, also the conduction trio, headed for the second consecutive year by the "artistic hijacker" Claudio Baglioni. For the occasion flanked by Claudio Bisio is Virginia Raffaele.

Below we reveal some interesting facts about the Roman presenter. While waiting to see her, on stage. And also to find out who and how he will wear it. In 2016, the year in which she played for the first time (with Carlo Conti), her looks were designed by Marco De Vincenzo. This year who will it be? Will it be a "monopoly" of a Maison or will it be like Michelle Hunziker last year? Will it restart from Casadei, who dressed her for the press conference? Or will you choose Francesco Scognamiglio, as in 2018? The questions are many. The "fever" rises …

Virginia Raffaele

Virginia Raffaele in Sanremo 2018: a year ago he was on stage with Claudio Baglioni, in Francesco Scognamiglio. Who will wear it this year? Which style will follow or launch? Photo LaPresse

  1. Virginia Raffaele was born on September 27, 1980 in Rome in one circus family. The grandmother, who worked as an acrobat, owned the Preziotti circus, along with his brothers. In the 1950s, with her husband founded the amusement park of the Eur. Place where Virginia spent most of her childhood and adolescence.
  2. Her dream as a child was to become a dancer. In 1999 she graduated from the European Theater Academy of the International Integrated Theater, and in parallel she studied classical and modern dance at the National Academy of Dance. In order to pay for his acting studies, he also worked as stuntwoman.
  3. Virginia Raffaele is especially appreciated for her imitations. Throughout his career, there are many characters he has "teased" on television. The singers Ornella Vanoni, Malika Ayane and Giusy Ferreri. The criminologist Roberta Bruzzone. Belen Rodriguez. Again: the swimmer Federica Pellegrini, Sabrina Ferilli, Renata Polverini, Maria Elena Boschi, Nicole Minetti, Francesca Pascale (lady Berlusconi). The hostess of Sanremo 2019 said that, to make herself similar to these characters, he undergoes a make-up session every night that can last up to four hours.
  4. In 2015 he went on stage for the first time at the Ariston theater, as a guest during the fourth evening of the Festival. In 2016 she returns to Sanremo as a co-host, part of the trio also composed by Gabriel Garko and Madalina Ghenea, alongside Carlo Conti. Authentic edition star, has made itself known to the popular national public with its imitations of Sabrina Ferilli, Carla Fracci, Belen Rodriguez and Donatella Versace. She returned to Sanremo in 2018, still as a guest.
  5. Everyone likes Virginia Virginia imitations. Indeed, to almost everyone. To balance the "recipients" of his imitations who say they had fun, there are many of them declared offenses. In 2012, on the stage of Piazza San Giovanni for the May Day Concert, Raffaele herself stated that she could not do the already planned imitation of Renata Polverini, due to "diktat from the top". Over the years, Roberta Bruzzone, Ornella Vanoni and Belen Rodriguez have lashed out (metaphorically, of course) against the TV host.