the advice of Antonio Riva

Who doesn't want the wedding dress of their dreams? Antonio Riva
, the famous designer who opened the doors of his atelier on Sky Uno, with his new program on the air every Sunday at 9.15pm
(visible on channel 108 and on digital terrestrial at 455). We asked him how the perfect suit should be: read on and find out more!

Antonio Riva is among the most famous and established designers in Italy. His creations, known and acclaimed all over the world, have often been chosen by entertainers such as Michelle Hunziker, Laura Pausini, Madalina Ghenea, Ornella Vanoni and Federica Panicucci. The designer's collections are present in more than eighty stores around the world, including the following countries: Japan, China, Korea, Bahrain, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.
The philosophy of the maison lies in the sartorial tradition, and is nothing more than a recognizable must in every creation. His singular style has become, over the years, a real point of reference.

But what is the magic formula for the perfect dress? The designer has no doubts: there is not; or rather, there is not one applicable to all aspiring brides, since each one is perfect in its own way.
There are, however, some advice that should be followed in order not to make "unforgivable" mistakes. For example, many times Antonio Riva receives girls who are convinced of some ideas that do not reflect their personality. Newspaper excerpts, photos on Instagram "delude" many of the future brides about to choose the wedding dress, because they are not compatible with their own essence. It is good to remember that the perfect dress must perfectly reflect the person, in everything and for everything: both for the physicality, and for the character, and it is necessary to have an excellent self-awareness. Furthermore, the candidate must be open to change and be guided by the stylist, in order to obtain an optimal result.

What is the perfect color? Antonio Riva has no doubts, it's white. The brightly colored dresses like red or blue are to be avoided. The designer does not particularly like colored brides, and prefers soft shades such as ivory and pink, as long as they are imperceptible.
Having a background in architecture, the designer appreciates the simplicity, essential lines and volumes.

Obviously, there is no lack of advice to get ready for the first dress test. You need to be totally relaxed, stress-free. It is a unique opportunity for every woman, and it is right to face it as calmly as possible, to fully enjoy it.

Don't miss the next appointments with Antonio Riva – A dream bride, broadcast every Sunday at 9.15 pm on Sky Uno (channel 108) and on digital terrestrial at channel 455.

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