The beautiful Romania, captive in Milan, an isolated city because of COVID-19. Call for calm

Settled in Milan, an isolated city due to the dreaded COVID-19, Ghenea immediately caught attention by her call to avoid panic.

“Strength and courage!” Transmits the beautiful Romania in the post regarding the coronavirus epidemic. The top model posted an informative and encouraging message for her fans, along with a picture of her in front of the Milan Cathedral.

Ghenea has lived in Italy for over 15 years, and Milan has become her permanent home since last year, after she separated from her daughter’s father and moved from Romania.

Ghenea presented the situation in an objective, sharp manner and explained to the fans what the pulse of the peninsula is at the moment.

The star invites people to heed the warnings about Coronavirus, especially in the context of a global alert.

Madalina Ghenea

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