The dolls that REVOLUTIONIZED the industry, present on the most famous platform for adults! They are INCREDIBLY realistic and have come to the attention of the directors

One company made a set of dolls that are extremely similar to humans.

Gynoid has made some of the most ‘realistic’ dolls in the world, and recently decided to open a channel on the adult site Pornhub.

According to the Daily Star, the doll brand is enjoying real success in terms of the number of views, and the supplier says that it has already been approached by adult film directors because of their extraordinary realism.

“As a brand of sex dolls, we have very few places to show our videos. YouTube can easily ban them for nudity, and the Vimeo platform is not as popular. PornHub is perfect due to its nature and is more or less close to our target audience “, co-founded Gynoid for the Daily Star.