The feature film ‘Urma’, from Friday in theaters in the country – News on sources

The feature film “Urma”, the directorial debut of the actor Dorian Boguţă, will run on Friday in cinemas in 25 cities in the country.

“Urma”, distributed by Transilvania Film, can be viewed in Bucharest, Arad, Bârlad, Braşov, Caransebeş, Cluj, Constanţa, Focşani, Gura Humorului, Iaşi, Lugoj, Odobeşti, Oradea, Petroşani, Piatra Neamţ, Piteşti, Reşiţa, Satu Mare, Sfântu Gheorghe, Sibiu, Târgu Jiu, Târgu Mureş, Timişoara and Vaslui, according to

In the country, the film team will meet the audience from Cluj-Napoca (March 5, Cinema Victoria, at the TIFF Cinemateca), Arad (March 6, Cinema Arta), Timişoara (March 7, Cinema City Timişoara Shopping City) and Sibiu (11 March, Cinema “Ion Besoiu”).

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In Bucharest, the director and the actors will tell about the experience “Urma” at Cinema City AFI Cotroceni (March 5), Cinema “Elvire Popesco” (March 8) and Cinema Museum of the Peasant (March 10).

The film had its gala premiere on March 3, at Cinema Pro in Bucharest, in the presence of the team and over 400 hundred guests. Actress Mădălina Ghenea chose to comply with the authorities’ recommendations for those coming from areas affected by the coronavirus epidemic – in this case, Milan – canceling her public outings in Romania. Her role in “Urma” is the first in a Romanian film. At the beginning of the film is the actress Irina Rădulescu, the daughter of the actor Dem Rădulescu.

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The distribution of the feature film includes Teodor Corban, Marin Grigore, Dragoş Bucur, Lucian Ifrim, Liviu Pintileasa and István Téglás.

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