The film "Urma", the debut in the feature film directed by Dorian Boguţă, will have the world premiere in Belgium

"Urma", the directorial debut of the actor Dorian Boguţă, has the world premiere on Monday night, at the International Francophone Film Festival (FIFF) in Namur, Belgium, according to a statement released MEDIAFAX.

"Urma", Dorian Boguţă's feature-length debut, in Namur's world premiere

Dorian Boguţă will be present on the red carpet, along with the actors Mădălina Ghenea, Marin Grigore, Irina Rădulescu and the producer Oana Giurgiu.

"Urma / Legacy / La trace" was selected in the competition dedicated to the authors in the first feature film, at the 34th edition of a festival with tradition. FIFF Namur takes place between September 27 and October 4, and the president of the jury is renowned French filmmaker André Téchiné.

Anton (Marin Grigore), a famous pianist, is missing. The policeman (Teodor Corban) who takes over the case gradually learns about the artist's troubled fate, his bizarre relationships and the decisions that triggered a whirlwind of surprising events. After the death of his parents, Anton became obsessed with the happiness of his sister, Ana (Irina Rădulescu), beyond the limits of brotherly love. The cast includes actors Teodor Corban, Marin Grigore and Irina Rădulescu, alongside Dragoş Bucur, Mădălina Ghenea, Lucian Ifrim, Liviu Pintileasa.

Noted by the international press in Paolo Sorrentino's "La Grande Bellezza", Mădălina Ghenea is in her first role in a Romanian film. The star plays a central role, of a woman who is a key figure in the police investigation. Marin Grigore ( "Sieranevada") is an actor at the Art Theater in Bucharest, and Irina Rădulescu, the daughter of the late actor Dem Rădulescu, can be seen on the stage of the Small Theater in the Capital.

"Several years ago, in the life of a person very close to me, a drama happened, his child was kidnapped and he didn't see him for six years. That moment totally changed her perception of reality. I tried to help her, but more than being her I had almost nothing to do, and I finally got to understand some things. In other news, no one comes to this earth without a specific purpose, I think, absolutely everyone has a purpose or, in other words, leaves a trace behind them, "explains director Dorian Boguţă.

"The movie" Urma "is about someone who is desperately seeking to leave something behind, only to get to play God and this leads to catastrophic consequences. If I'm to be very concise, the Trace is about the perfect, deepest and most true love that can exist between two people. But beyond all this philosophy, the film is a thriller, a cop with many upsets and in which all the above thoughts come to the surface, "adds Boguţă.

"Urma" is produced by Hai Hui Entertainment, in co-production with Mandragora, Actoriedefilm and Point Film. The screenplay is signed by Dorian Boguţă and Loredana Novak, the image was made by Barbu Bălăşoiu ("Sieranevada"), and the editing belongs to Tudor Popescu. .

Known as an actor for roles in films such as "The Movie Caravan", "Francesca", "Love Building" and "Two Lots", Dorian Boguţă has, as a director, a portfolio of award-winning short films. It started with "10" (2009), including in Namur and TIFF, continued with "From today on" (2012), nominated for Gopo awards, "Piano" (2013), "Kazimir" (2014), "Vera "(2015) and" Sunday ", the latter rewarded with the special mention in the Romanian Film Days at TIFF 2018.

The film will be distributed in cinemas by Transilvania Film, in the spring of next year.

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